Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And then......

I was bored this morning (by morning, I mean just before noon), so I decided to make myself look like a person. Hey! Why not? Then, while I was admiring myself in the mirror, I thought it might be a good idea to send a picture of my uncommon hotness to my husband. I decided against it. Instead, I remembered I need to get my MWR card (it's an army thing I don't want to explain right now). Seizing the moment of attractiveness, I got in the van and headed to post. I looked at the clock. Noon!! They wouldn't be there. The army is a big fan of lunch time. I needed something to distract me, so I stopped by walgreens to collect this week's good deals. I left Walgreens with $7 register rewards and more time to kill, so I went to the other Walgreens. After the 2nd Walgreens I had finally killed enough time, so I drove myself to post and got my MWR card. Since I was already on post, I went over to the youth center and signed the kids up for basketball. Then, I went to the commissary to get some P&G inserts. They didn't have any, but that's Ok.
I love it when I am unintentionally productive.

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