Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lost dog adventure

Ok, since I haven't posted in a year my story needs back story:
In aprilish we bought a dog.  The little white fluffiness in the picture is him. (and the baby with the toothbrush...that's the evil beaver) He is a peek-a-poo. We named him peek-a-boo.
Ok back story done.
So sunday afternoon I took peek-a-boo out to go potty. The next door neighbor's dog Corona was out, and he folllowed her out into the forest. 10 minutes later Corona comes back, but peek-a-boo does not. We walked all over the neighborhood and through the forest looking for him. I even called animal control to see if they had seen him.We even made signs. No peek-a-boo. BTW, people think you are kindof weird when you walk around the neighborhood yelling peek-a-boo.
Tuesday morning, animal control called me back to see if he was still missing and I said he was. Then I returned the brand new bag of dog food I bought last Friday because I was almost out. Less than an hour later there was a knock on my door. A neighbor had found my dog behind her back yard. His ears had gotten tangled in a barbed wire fence. I went to pick him up, but she was gone, so I left a note.
A few hours later she finally called me back. Because he had the barbed wire stuck between his ears she had taken him to animal control, so they could take him to the vet. So I went over to animal control and picked him up. They seemed surprised to see me. I was surprised that they hadn't called me. After all, I was on their list of missing dogs. Anyways....they all liked my dog alot and seemed kindof bummed out that I was going to bail him out, but I think they will be ok.
And that is how our dog got lost and found.