Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up that photo thingy

I was taking pictures all along. I just never posted them, so I will now. Ok?

Week 3: Sharing the brownie batter beater (say that 3 times fast)
Week 4: When life gives you a snow day, make a blanket fort

Week 5: I found theese folded together. Someone owes me 10 cents

Week 6: Don't let them fool you. They are freezing.

Week 7: Elevator lottery-- Jade wins
Week 8: quick family pic before he got on his plane
And now: I am all caught up. Yay!!

Is it earrings or ear rings?

This is kindof a long story, but if you don't understand the history of the situation it doesn't make sense.
Long, long ago I mentioned to my husband that I wanted some new earrings. We went online and browsed. I found lots and lots that I liked, but he said I couldn't have earring for Christmas. Thinking that I wasn't getting any, I bought a pair I liked on ebay. When the earrrings from ebay arrived, he was upset. I was confused. It wasn't like I had spent too much money or anything (If I remember right, they were less than $10 shipped). What I didn' know was that he had gone to the jewelry store and bought me fancy earrings. So, that was the great earring battle of long, long ago. Moral of the story: "You can't have that" means "I am going to buy that to surprise you"
After that, I was pretty sure I would never be receiving jewelry from my husband ever again. A couple of Christmases later we were shopping for the kids and he had me pick out a pair of earrings at the walmart. Christmas morning came and I opened the earrings I had chosen, except they weren't the earrings I had chosen. He had switched them out for a cute little pair of diamond stud earrings. I LOVED them. He was excited because they were "upgradable". Random Brandi fact: I do not like big jewelry AT ALL. I had zero interest in upgrading my earrings ever, and in order to prevent this from happening I rarely take them out.
Ok history lesson over.
Last Sunday we were at a friend's house when I noticed I had lost my earring. When Mr. B found out he was excited. This meant that he finally got to buy me bigger earrings (Seriously, I haven't taken these things our for literally years.) Monday, while we were out and about running errands, he took me to a jewelry store where we met the most annoying sales person ever.
Things to know about me and jewelry shopping: 1) I might not look like it but I am almost 29 years old. Unless you are related to me, don't call me sweetheart 2) When I say that I don't ever want 3/4 carrot diamonds in my ears I am 100% serious 3) I don't care what S V I or whatever the diamond is rated as long as it is sparkly I am good 4) I don't require some weird certificate or whatever 5) I have expensive taste, but I will never like a pair of earrings as much as I like $600 6) I am not a fan of "protection plans"
Needless to say we did not buy earrings from the evil sales lady. We did check out a couple of other stores, but never found a pair that I just had to have.
Besides, we all lived happily ever after because that very same night Jade found the earring I had lost.

Friday, February 4, 2011

and one more thing

Caibo said to me yesterday, "Mom guess who I have a crush on." After I finally guessed who it was (I would tell you who, but I can't spell it), I asked him if she was cute. He responded, "No, she doesn't get fancy." So, I asked if she was pretty. He blushed and replied shyly "Yeah."
So, according to Caibo, you have to get fancy to be cute, but you don't have to be cute to be pretty.

Ok, now I probably should go tackle my to do list.

Dear So and So: Yep, still procrastinating

Dear So and So...

Yes, it is now noon and I still haven't even pretended to tackle my to do list I showed you yesterday. I told you I was a good procrastinator. However, Mr. B is still stuck in undisclosed location. I have time, so I am going to write a dear so and so or 5.

Dear Mr. B,
I know you think you are all clever and all not mentioning where you are when I speak to you. However, the bank account tells me where you are. If you really want to surprise me that bad, you have two options:
1) Get some cash or 2) Starve for the next 3-12 days.
Good thing you don't read my blog.
Mrs B. (not a fan of that kind of surprise)

Dear Mother Nature,
It's been a long time since I have seen Mr. B. I have big exciting fun things planned. I expect sunshine and lots of sunshine. If not, I will find you and beat you up and take away your birthday.
Mrs. B

Dear Weather people,
Snow is a 4 letter word, and you are no longer allowed to say it.
I have had enough of the fluffy white stuff K?
Mrs. B

I was discussing with Mr. B your great and wonderful plan for making up all the "snow days" my children have been having lately. He wants to know how adding 1/2 hour to school for 3 days makes up for the whole day they missed. We just aren't getting the math here.
Mrs. B

Ok, so really there has been nothing overly adventurous going on in my life lately. I am totally fine with that. You can find more dear so and so letter's over on Kat's blog by clicking the picture at the top. I am too lazy to give you a link today.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

And now..... A word about procrastination

I may have mentioned this before, but I don't care. Of all my many and wonderful talents, the one I am bestest at is procrastination. I am pretty sure I was born with this talent.
You see, right now I should be making my house and myself and my children all sparkly and shiny in anticipation of my husbands imminent ( I use big words sometimes. Ok?) arrival that could happen anytime between now and my birthday (I would like to thank the army and this awesome weather we have been having lately for the concrete timeline).
Guess what I am doing tomorrow?
That's right: changing the oil, replacing the furnace filter, organizing my bow stuff, cleaning off my desk, paying the bills, doing the laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the truck, taking the leaves to the dump, putting the Christmas stuff up in the top of the garage, dusting, painting my toenails, cleaning the fridge, killing the kitchen ants, hanging my pictures, making the kids clean their rooms, and I am sure there are more things I will think up along the way.
Don't worry though. I am an excellent procrastinator, and when it becomes absolutely necessary I can get alot done in not so much time. And by tomorrow I mean sometime between when I wake up in the morning and 11:59 PM the night before my Birthday.