Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear So and So: Yep, still procrastinating

Dear So and So...

Yes, it is now noon and I still haven't even pretended to tackle my to do list I showed you yesterday. I told you I was a good procrastinator. However, Mr. B is still stuck in undisclosed location. I have time, so I am going to write a dear so and so or 5.

Dear Mr. B,
I know you think you are all clever and all not mentioning where you are when I speak to you. However, the bank account tells me where you are. If you really want to surprise me that bad, you have two options:
1) Get some cash or 2) Starve for the next 3-12 days.
Good thing you don't read my blog.
Mrs B. (not a fan of that kind of surprise)

Dear Mother Nature,
It's been a long time since I have seen Mr. B. I have big exciting fun things planned. I expect sunshine and lots of sunshine. If not, I will find you and beat you up and take away your birthday.
Mrs. B

Dear Weather people,
Snow is a 4 letter word, and you are no longer allowed to say it.
I have had enough of the fluffy white stuff K?
Mrs. B

I was discussing with Mr. B your great and wonderful plan for making up all the "snow days" my children have been having lately. He wants to know how adding 1/2 hour to school for 3 days makes up for the whole day they missed. We just aren't getting the math here.
Mrs. B

Ok, so really there has been nothing overly adventurous going on in my life lately. I am totally fine with that. You can find more dear so and so letter's over on Kat's blog by clicking the picture at the top. I am too lazy to give you a link today.

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