Sunday, March 6, 2011

R&R Story #2--The snow

So Monday morning came, and I am a mean mom, so I made my kids go to school, and did what I do best. Yes, I went back to bed. I woke up a while later to the sound of my from ringing. School was getting out early. I looked out the window and what did I see? No, no popcorn, but it was white. It was snowing. We spent the day watching the snow and packing to go on our trip to Florida.
Tuesday morning we got up, loaded the van up and were on our way. The snow was gone by the time we hit nashville. I guess that wasn't the end of the snow in Clarksville though. Every night for our first week, we got a call from the school saying there would be no school. Normally, I would protest this many snow days, but this time it worked to our advantage.
You see, CMCSS (or whatever they are) has a pretty strict attendence policy, and my kids had already missed 5 days a piece. I went into to the school to find out what I needed to do to excuse the absences for our trip to Florida. After much research they found out that the policy is to only excuse 5 days for R&R. LAME!!! We had planned to be gone for 10.
So eventhough my friends back in Clarksville we terribly annoyed at the snow, this is the snow storm that saved me from going to truancy court.

Friday, March 4, 2011

R&R Story #1--The surprise

If you remember from back in the day, Mr. B was pretty determined that he was going to surprise us for his R&R. The bank account revealing his whereabouts kindof ruined that up for him, but he still tried. Just in case, I went on a massive house cleaning rampage so everything would sparkle and shine when he got here. I talked to him Sunday morning before church. He was in the US but still not sure that I would need to pick him up from the airport.
Finally, I decided that I was done playing the "I don't know" game. I put on my new dress, got all fancy, got the kids ready, and went to church. He called me I assume from the runway in Atlanta and told me that he did need me to come pick him up in Nashville while I was hanging out with the nursery kids. My awesome friend (Thanks Sam!!!) volunteered to watch the kids while I went to get him. I told the kids I had to go "pick something up for daddy" in Nashville. Then I started my drive to Nashville. I was not even out of Clarksville, when Mr. B called and said that he had just landed. Ummmm....Really?? Not much I could do at that point, so he had to wait. I went and retreived him, dropped him off at home, and then went to pick up the kids. Jade was super curious about what a had gone to get from Nashville. When she walked into the house, she saw a pillow on the couch. She picked it up, "Mom, really?!? you drove to Nashville for a pillow??? Couldn't you have gotten that from Walmart??" This was the point where she turned around and saw her daddy sitting on the stairs. To describe her as excited would be an understatement. Had I been on task I would have made a video of this event, but I wasn't so there isn't one.
Where was Caibo during this whole adventure? He was getting a hotdog out of the fridge completely oblivious to it all.

Dear So and So: Half Way Friday

Once again, Friday has snuck up on me. This time it's a good thing. Yep, today is half way Friday. Half way to what? The return of Mr. B. In celebration, I bring you some Dear So and So. Mostly because I love Dear So and So.
Dear City of Clarksville,
What exactly is the point of having tornado sirens if, "The siren system is not designed to be heard inside every home."? Also by "every home" I think you mean most homes. According to your map, I am smack in the middle of 4 of your sirens, and I have never heard one.
Mrs. B (just not hearing it)

Dear 2nd grade teacher,
If you expect me to help my daughter with her research paper, I expect communication from you as to what she needs to be researching. I am not going to put my 7 year old on google and let her "research" to her hearts content.
Mrs. B (over protective internet mother)

Dear Troop (actually I don't know what number it is),
How can we be out of thin mints already?
Mrs. B (cookie problem solver extraordinaire)

Dear Facebook Friends,
Just to be fair, I wanted to let you know that I play Zuma, Bejewled, and Pathwords. I will ignore all other requests.
Mrs. B (not playing Texas Hold em poker)

Ok, that's all I have for today. Happy Half way day!!!