Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adventures with the GPS

I may not know what direction I'm going, but I have become pretty confident at finding my way home. Still, I take my GPS friend (I should probably name her) with me most of the time. The other day I zoomed the map out, and saw "Trout Lake" I was really excited because it looked like it was within walking distance of my house. That's when the adventure began.
I turned onto dead end road after dead end road trying to find this "Lake". Caibo was not impressed. He kept telling me we should just go home.
After like 20 minutes I found "trout lake"
It's the water hazard on the golf course.

This is for you Allison

So, I guess I didn't really explain where I am exactly. I'm not going to be too specific because my blog is not private and I don't want crazies at my door, and really sometimes I have no idea where I am.
Seriously, unless I am looking at my GPS screen I can't tell you which way north is. I live on a street that runs into the forest on both ends, and my house faces the house across the street. Maybe one day I will get it all sorted out, but for now I have decided it doesn't really matter.
The city I am in is called Niceville. You can look at a map of the area here. It is a smallish town (I think). Their claim to fame is their yearly mullet festival. You can see some awesome mullet photos here. Sadly, I will probably move before the mullet festival.
Technically, we are closer to Alabama than we are to Orlando (but we think we figured out how to get the resident rate at Disney World). I imagine things are about as southern as they get here. You here alot of ma'am, and all the women at the schools are referred to as Ms (it sounds more like miss though). You see signs for BBQ, fried catfish (very good BTW), and boiled peanuts. We have squirells in our trees, and get raccoons at night if we leave the trash can open.
So far, I love it here. The beaches are close, the people are friendly, and it is sooo GREEN.

**So upon further inspection, the pictures of the mullet festival don't really have any mullets. How is that possible?**

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shhhh! It's a secret.

Ok, I was going to brag about the super cool thing I got for my husband for our anniversary, but I can't show you the picture. I guess I will have to do that when it gets here. Unfortunately, that means my title is VERY misleading.
So, you may be wondering where I have been. My sister told me the other day that I am lost. I tried to tell her that I know exactly where I am, but I couldn't tell her which way north is. Yeah, she wasn't buying it.
There is really nothing super exciting to tell you. Jade loves school and has some little friends. She is mostly happy except I told her that she can't have any of those friends over until she cleans her room. Caibo is finally in a preschool. We found one just a couple of blocks from our house, and so far I am very impressed. He is also mostly happy except that he can't have a cookie until his room is clean. I am the meanest mom ever.
We have found spaces for most of our stuff. The pile on the patio is slowly getting smaller and smaller. You know, the best part of a small house is that it is really easy to clean. Speaking of which.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

by some miracle my filter isn't overachieving today

I have a confession to make. My life is boring. Yes, it is true. I am not an exciting person, so I am always on the look out for something interesting to post as my facebook status. As I was driving across the country I thought up several status updates, but decided to wait until the end of the day to use them, so I wouldn't wreck the van texting and driving. Sadly, by the end of the day I was always too tired. So, in honor of Random thought Tuesday, I bring you the status updates I thought up (and can still remember) from my long, long drive:

got my kicks on Route 66

always thought the animators of the movie cars made the hills in the background look like cars on purpose, it turns out the hills really do look like cars.

it's a good thing people in the middle of nowhere have a sense of humor about living in the middle of nowhere.

resisted the urge to go to Roswell when I saw the exit sign.

Jade says Texas smells like crap. I think she's right.

mmmm Cherry cider, too bad they are closed.

didn't know it snows in Texas. I guess you learn something new every day.

just passed the "It'll do" hotel.

Dallas+Rush hour+snow=how is this even fair?

Crossed the Mississippi and lived to tell about it

and then, I got so bored of driving I pretty much quit with the status update thing, so that's all the random I have for you today. If you want more random head over to The source of all randomness and join the fun.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So: tales from the road

I survived my 4 days driving across the country (BTW if you didn't know I just moved from Utah to Florida), I am somewhat moved into my new house, and 1/2 my kids are in school. To celebrate......
Dear So and So...
Dear dude at Jade's school,
When I mentioned I was surprised that you had to wait a day after you register your kid for school to actually take them to school, I was simply making small talk. Your response, "With all the military here, they are probably worried people just dropping their kids off at school and not coming back," flabbergasted me to the point of no response. I couldn't even open my mouth to say that I am infact an army wife.
How dare you make such a ridiculous generalization!! These people are out fighting for our freedom because they love their families so much.
I hope to never run into you again.
still angry days later,
Army wife

Dear whoever knows,
I noticed that the state of new mexico has these "safety corridors" where the fines double for speeding. I also noticed that most of them are under construction. As we all know, fines double for speeding in a work zone. I am left wondering: If you were to get caught speeding in a "safety corridor" that is under construction would they quadruple your fine?
super curious

Dear lady at the water company,
When I asked for a phone book, I really did intend to keep it. I had to go talk to you anyways, and I was in desperate need of a phone book. You just looked at me weird when I left.
yay! I have a phone book

Dear Walmart,
I just wanted you to know that the walmart in FWB is way too crowed all the time, and it is a 25 minute drive from my house. I know I was spoiled to have 3 walmarts within 15 minutes of my old house. Please consider building a walmart closer to my house. Please.
tired of driving to walmart

Dear weather,
I don't know if you caught that detail, but I live in Florida now. Twenty degrees and snow are not appropriate Florida weather. Warm up already!! I want to go to the beach.

And if you want to play along with all the dear so and so fun head on over to kat's blog and check it out.