Tuesday, April 28, 2009

60 cents

I gave Jade 60 cents for finding all the cups in the basement while I was doing dishes (I pay her 10 cents a cup). She was so excited to have money. She sang "I'm a rich girl all the way to the bus stop." When we got there, she started asking me what she could buy with her money. I told her she could buy five 10 cents candies. She asked me why only 5 if she had 60 cents. I told her she had to pay taxes. She got this horrified look on her face and declared "What the heck! I'm a kid. Kids don't pay taxes!!" Poor Kid!! Welcome to America.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Packing up

It was one of those moments when you don't realize the kids are listening. I found a little plastic tote in the middle of the kitchen. I moved it to the toy room, and said something about saving it for when we start packing. I didn't know Caibo had heard me, but he started asking a million questions. He was pretty sure we were going to the ranch. I started to explain to him that we would be moving to live with his daddy in a couple of months. Poor Caibo has no concept of time. He spent the next hour (yes an entire hour) packing to go see his daddy.

First, he started packing his toys. He grabbed his dinosaur (still his favorite toy. He got it for his birthday last year), a paddle ball (ok actually it was only the paddle), and his little mini magna doodle thing.

Then, I mentioned that he needed clothes. The first suitcase was so full he had to get on it to close it.

Then he filled his backpack and grabbed his round house and "gas station"

All packed up and ready to go. It's a good thing that I had lots of errands to run and planned to take the kids to the movies. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to convince Caibo that we were not going to see his daddy without distracting him.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Army Strong

Since my husband joined the army, I have been trying to think of things we can do to support him. I had this great idea a while back and finally did something about it. Every Friday the future soldiers are supposed to wear their Army shirts, so I thought it would be cute if my kids had Army shirts. I made a little word art that I am going to iron onto some khaki or tan t-shirts and then have them wear them on Fridays.
I realized that I am not the only person in America who has a husband in the army, so I decided to share my word art just in case any of you want to join me.
Just one more thing, does anyone know where I can find khaki colored t-shirts?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Wedding Freebie #2

I have another free QP for you using Spring Wedding, which just happens to be on sale for $2.50 until the end of the month. You can download your QP HERE
P.S. My 4-shared is getting pretty full. I will be deleting alot of my older freebies at the first of the month. If you haven't picked them up yet, you have until then to do it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Wedding layouts and a freebie

Here are a couple of layouts (and a freebie at the bottom) made with my new kit Spring Wedding. I am having lots of fun with the bright colors. Next on the list of things to make with it is a new blog header, because Easter is over and it is time to move one.

Ok, so I totally forgot to mention in the last post that I had big ideas about the temple pictures with the kids long before the primary even went there. I have come to realize that when the kids and I move, we probably won't get to live as close to the temple as we do now. I wanted to do something for the kids, so they would be able to see themselves at the temple. The layout I have here is far from what I envisioned. I was just playing around a little.

Download Here

few pics from the last couple days.

Here are a few pictures from all of our adventures lately, in no particular order.

Jade and Caibo posing in front of the temple for me.

Jade trying to fly her kite

Caibo's excellent photography skills (yes, that's my foot)

My version of Grocery Store Steal. I love this hairdo! I'll probably use it again soon.

Jade and her new Elmo kite

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday may have been the most crazy busy day we have ever had, but it was so much fun. I got up at 8 am (yes, it's true, and so not like me) so I could shower and get the kids to the primary activity by 9. We all got our Sunday clothes on and were about go when I remembered that my charming and wonderful children had played in the van and killed my battery the night before, so I went next door and woke up my neighbor who was kind enough to help me jump start the van (thanks Diane!).
The primary activity was at the temple. We all walked around the temple grounds and took lots of pictures. Then we went and spent some time at the visitors center. We watched a short movie that made me cry and let the kids wander around and play with things. This is only possible because we have such a small primary. I can't even imagine trying to do it in a larger primary.
After the activity, we hurried home to change our clothes. Then I took the kids over to Amanda's, so I could go to work.
While I was at work, Jason and Becky got the kids and took them swimming. The kids had tons of fun playing the water with their cousins. I think Caibo even told Jerry on the phone this morning that Jason took him on the big blue slide.
I joined everyone at the pool later, and hung out and talked. Then I took the kids home to change, so we could go get some dinner. Jade was upset about not being able to get her kite from the kite festival, so we were just going to stop by and get her kite before we ate. After all, how long could it take?
Not knowing where Sun River golf course was I googled it (you can find anything on google). I even printed myself a map, which I didn't end up needing. We left our house around 7. We got to a parking lot and there were cars in it, so I figured that was the parking lot. I parked there. There was a sign that said bus stop, so we waiting because Caibo always begs to ride the bus. I figured he would like it. We waited probably fifteen minutes for the bus to come. I was right Caibo did like riding the bus. We got to the kite festival, and redeemed Jade's kite. We were so late in the evening her only choices were Elmo and Toy Story. I think she picked elmo because Caibo likes Toy Story and it was her kite.
We were walking back to the bus stop, when the bus pulled away. I figured it would not be long until the next one, so we waited and waited and waited and waited and after 35 minutes of listening to Jade throw a fit because I would not let her go down and fly her kite, play on the toys, ride the rides... take your pick I heard them all. I just knew if we went back down there a bus would show up and we would miss it.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, after 35 minutes of upset children we started walking back to the van. Oddly, neither child whined at all. It turned out that the bus I just barely missed was the last bus. Yes, we walked all the way back to the van.
We finally left the kite festival at ten minutes to 9. What I thought was going to be a quick stop took us almost 2 hours.
Then, I took the kids to chuck-a-rama. This is my new favorite place to take them because they actually eat something. Last night was no exception. Caibo ate 2 plates of food, and Jade ate 2 and some ice cream. After dinner, we went home and went to bed. Surprisingly, Jade still fought me to go to bed, but once she was in her bed I never heard from her again.
We had alot of fun yesterday, but what a day!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking outside the box

Lately Caibo has been dressing himself, which I am very excited about. However, the kid's sense of fashion is a little out there. Ok really, if you have heard the phrase thinking outside of the box, Caibo thinks inside his own box that's clear over on the other side of the room. Which, isn't necessarily a bad thing. That being said, last night I came home from work to the most interesting thing I have seen him wear yet. He had on his gray footie PJs with cars on them. Then on top of that he had a bright orange tank top that I didn't even know we owned. It almost looked like he was dressed to go hunting in his PJs. Really, I should have taken a picture.
Anyways, I asked him where he got "that really snazzy orange tank top" (I try not to discourage creative expression, which is probably why he dresses so funny) He snapped back (as if I had asked the dumbest question ever), "at the really snazzy orange tank top store."
This morning, I finally gave up and took some cold medicine. I am getting a cold :( If you have ever witnessed it, you know that me and cold medicine are not a good combination. Basically, I get really loopy and usually fall asleep. So, there I am laying on the couch attempting to function just a little, when Caibo runs up to me, "Mom! Mom! Mooom!" "What Caibo?" "Look inside my nose" (at this point I am preparing myself for the worst) "What's in there?", I asked. He replied, "I don't know. It's dark in there. I can't see."
Where does this kid get these things? That box he does his thinking in must be pretty interesting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Jigsaw puzzle

Congratulations!! You have found the first piece of the puzzle

If you haven't heard already, DAC is having another jigsaw puzzle challenge, and as always, there are awesome prizes. You can find the complete rules HERE Go check it out!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Catherine QP freebie

Hooray! I finally have a little creativity, and I am getting things done (in the digiscrap world atleast). I have a made you a little quick page using the love Catherine Page Kit by Rachael. I also made a QP for the make and take QP exchange using Spring's Song. If you want that one you have to play the challenge HERE.
I have also been playing with Rachael's Gorgeous kit Unrestrained. This is what I made with it.

Download Freebie HERE

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Fun

DAC has an awesome new collab kit out for Easter. It is appropriately named Easter Fun. It is full of bunnies, chicks, eggs, candy, chocolate, and much much more. It is on sale for $4.99, or you can get it free with a $20 purchase at the DAC.

I have been wanting to try one of those hybrid albums in the shape of the word, and finally got up the courage to try it. This is what I ended up with. It turned out awesome if I do say so myself. I have big plans to fill it with pictures of my kids this Easter and send it to my husband who is currently at boot camp. I can't wait to see how it turns out printed. In the mean time, I have decided to share the album with well pretty much anyone who wants it. So, get yourself over to the DAC and pick it up for FREE.

Image is linked

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DST April blog train

It is time again for the DST mega blog train. Yay!! I really am excited and you should be too. There are too many blogs involved for me to count. So, to get you moving on in your freebie collecting: click HERE for my freebie, click HERE to visit Hannah (she's next) and click HERE if you get lost. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your freebies.

Also for those of you who have read this far don't forget to check my counter. We are still looking for the 9999th visitor. Complete details HERE