Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday may have been the most crazy busy day we have ever had, but it was so much fun. I got up at 8 am (yes, it's true, and so not like me) so I could shower and get the kids to the primary activity by 9. We all got our Sunday clothes on and were about go when I remembered that my charming and wonderful children had played in the van and killed my battery the night before, so I went next door and woke up my neighbor who was kind enough to help me jump start the van (thanks Diane!).
The primary activity was at the temple. We all walked around the temple grounds and took lots of pictures. Then we went and spent some time at the visitors center. We watched a short movie that made me cry and let the kids wander around and play with things. This is only possible because we have such a small primary. I can't even imagine trying to do it in a larger primary.
After the activity, we hurried home to change our clothes. Then I took the kids over to Amanda's, so I could go to work.
While I was at work, Jason and Becky got the kids and took them swimming. The kids had tons of fun playing the water with their cousins. I think Caibo even told Jerry on the phone this morning that Jason took him on the big blue slide.
I joined everyone at the pool later, and hung out and talked. Then I took the kids home to change, so we could go get some dinner. Jade was upset about not being able to get her kite from the kite festival, so we were just going to stop by and get her kite before we ate. After all, how long could it take?
Not knowing where Sun River golf course was I googled it (you can find anything on google). I even printed myself a map, which I didn't end up needing. We left our house around 7. We got to a parking lot and there were cars in it, so I figured that was the parking lot. I parked there. There was a sign that said bus stop, so we waiting because Caibo always begs to ride the bus. I figured he would like it. We waited probably fifteen minutes for the bus to come. I was right Caibo did like riding the bus. We got to the kite festival, and redeemed Jade's kite. We were so late in the evening her only choices were Elmo and Toy Story. I think she picked elmo because Caibo likes Toy Story and it was her kite.
We were walking back to the bus stop, when the bus pulled away. I figured it would not be long until the next one, so we waited and waited and waited and waited and after 35 minutes of listening to Jade throw a fit because I would not let her go down and fly her kite, play on the toys, ride the rides... take your pick I heard them all. I just knew if we went back down there a bus would show up and we would miss it.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, after 35 minutes of upset children we started walking back to the van. Oddly, neither child whined at all. It turned out that the bus I just barely missed was the last bus. Yes, we walked all the way back to the van.
We finally left the kite festival at ten minutes to 9. What I thought was going to be a quick stop took us almost 2 hours.
Then, I took the kids to chuck-a-rama. This is my new favorite place to take them because they actually eat something. Last night was no exception. Caibo ate 2 plates of food, and Jade ate 2 and some ice cream. After dinner, we went home and went to bed. Surprisingly, Jade still fought me to go to bed, but once she was in her bed I never heard from her again.
We had alot of fun yesterday, but what a day!!


Alli E. said...

I'm sorry you had to walk all the way to your van!! Sounds like the kids enjoyed it though!! We ended up getting a pretty good close parking spot and we were still there longer than we planned!! But it was fuN!

Christina said...

What a crazy/fun adventure. That's too bad you had to walk back to your car:(.