Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear So and So: What deployment does to a girl

Dear So and So...

Yep Friday again. I would tell you how many Fridays are left, but #1 OPSEC and #2 I lost count Anyways, here we go.

Dear Mr. B,
I miss your face.....and your butt and your warming up my bed and your arms and your kiss and your stuff fixing skills. Ok. I admit it. I miss all of you.
Love you lots, Miss you tons, Counting down to R&R,
Mrs. B

Dear Deployment,
I had to change a lightbulb for the first time in who knows how long. All by myslef. I am holding you personally responsible.
Mrs. B (expert lightbulb changer)

Dear Unreachable lightbulb,
It's not funny!!! You know how short and accident prone I am. Couldn't you have burned out before the spare army guy moved out or waited until R&R?
Mrs. B (vertically challenged)

Dear Readers,
Don't worry. I promise not to try to change the lightbulb myself. For more Dear So and So fun go check out Kat's blog at The Three Bedroom Bungalow. You know you want.
Mrs. B (occasional blog writer)