Friday, April 30, 2010

Because I know you are dieing to know.......

Well, we packed up are stuff and have safely arrived in Clarksville (that's in Tennessee in case you were wondering). We found a hotel. The kids are swimming happily. Guess where my swimsuit is!?! Yep, the very back of the moving truck. My choices were not swimming or braving the traffic to go buy a swim suit. (Always remember: Never go any where within 20 miles of a military base at 4pm)
Clarksville is gorgeuos. It is very very green, and everyone has a lawn. There is a river that goes through the middle of town. There is a cute little park by the river. That is all I know about this town, but so far I like it.
We went this morning and looked at a house out in Woodlawn (the Sticks as Jerry calls it). It was on a huge lot and had a pond in the back yard. Sadly, we didn't get it.
This afternoon I went and looked at a house I found on the internet about a week ago. It is a 4 bed 2 bath cape cod in clarksville. It is super cute, and is in a neighborhood full of kids. I saw 2 potential Jade friends in the short time I was there. We move in monday morning.
So for now, we live in a hotel. The kids are good, they did really good on the drive, and like I said before they are happily swimming. They should sleep well tonight ;)
Oh! For those of you who voted, if nothing changes before monday, we will be living in Tennessee.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We survived AIT

getting his certificate

Mr Jensen pinning on Jerry's crab (btw Mr Jensen is from Brigham City. Yep it's a small world)

Well, it has been over a year, but I am proud to announce that Jerry got his crab. For those who do not know, that is what they call the EOD badge (I guess it looks like a crab). If you want to read all about the crab go HERE. I would explain it all myself, but I would probably get something wrong.

This is a major accomplishment. Almost half of the students in EOD school fail out. For 10 months he spent 12-14 hours a day learning all there is to know about Explosive Ordinance Disposal. He would start his day at 4am and not come home until after 6pm. He had tests where he had to disarm ordinance while being watched over by an instructor who was taking points away for every tiny mistake. Anything less than 80% was considered a fail. It was an extremely stressful inviroment, but he made.

I was want to let him and all of y'all (I'm practicing for Kentucky/Tenessee) how proud I am of him. I have always known how smart he is. He really can do anything he sets his mind to.
Jerry, I love you and I'm proud of you. Good work!!

Flowers, flowers every where

Look at all the flowers I found walking around the block!

Yep, it's spring here. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love springtime in the desert, but how can you not love all of these flowers. I do admit they do create a cloud of pollen, but for some reason it hasn't really affected our allergies, so I'm loving it. I should have taken pictures back when the magnolias were blooming. Maybe there will be some in Kentucky/Tenessee. I sure hope so.