Monday, August 23, 2010

All that free time

For those of you who have been wondering what I have been doing with all that free time I have now that both kids are in school, don't worry. I'm keeping plenty busy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flash cards....

Tuesday night Jade brought home mount paperwork. In the midst of this stack, was a yellow paper they like to call "the agenda" or is that the little planner thing. Anyways, the yellow paper contians all of her homework for the week. It has a list of spelling and vocabulary words, the assigned reading for the week, the shedule, and any other important things parents might need to know. It says that every night she is supposed to work on "math facts" but it never said which ones they were working on this week, so I just kindof ignored it. Tonight, yes 2 days later, Jade informs me that we are supposed to go down to the dollar store and buy some flash cards.
I know you have never asked, but here is my opinion on flash cards:
You might be wondering why I have such a strong opinion about this. You see, at my house the flash cards come out. The kids play with the flash cards. The kids get bored of the flash cards. The kids spread the flash cards as far across the house as possible. The kids refuse to clean the flash cards up. A year later, I find a flash card in a place you would never expect to find flash card, for example, under the dryer. Now you know why I hate flash cards, maybe later we will talk about the evils of scissors and sharpies.
Oh! In case you were wondering, I have no intention of buying those flash cards Jade has requested. I will let you know how that works out for me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school

Yeah, it is finally here. "Back to school, Back to school...." Ok, technically it started last Friday, but it was a 1/2 day and I was on vacation.
Monday morning round about the crack of 10, we went in and registered Caibo for Kindergarten (gasp!! my baby is in school). On a previous attempt to do this (don't ask. I'm still angry at the school district), I made the offer to my children that if they could sit in the chair and be quite the whole time I would give them each $5. I think they remembered they offer because both kids were saints. Ig uess I might owe them money now.
Last night we got out the back pack and school clothes. BTW I need a gold star or something because I did all of my back to school shopping before we left on our vacation. Not bad for the queen of procrastination. Ok, I do admit we went on got the kids new shoes over the tax free weekend. NEVER AGAIN. The stores are waaaaay too busy.
This morning I got up at the crack of dawn (no really Caibo woke me up at 6am), got the kids ready, and then left. My yearly check up was long over due, and that was the only appointment I could get. Blah!!
So that left Jerry fully responsible for getting both kids to school in the right classrooms on time and documenting the whole thing. I must say he did a really good job, even the documenting thing. He even got pictures at the school. Yeah, he's that good.
Finally, at 4 this afternoon the kids got off the bus. Jade had a great time. She likes her teacher. The way she describes it I think there is a kid with terrets (sp?) in her class. She learned that they aren't supposed to laugh at him. Caibo also had fun. He liked riding the bus. He says he learned numbers. The great thing about Caibo is he randomly tells you the important stuff when he thinks you are not paying attention. He said that his teacher got mad at him because he hit the girl in the purple shirt. I asked why he hit her. He replied, "she was touching me." He also learned that when someone is touching you it's best to ask them not to touch you.
And what did I do with all my free time? I worked on some flower bows, went to lunch at quizno's, and shopped at Hobby Lobby BY MYSELF. :)
It was kindof quite though.