Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And then......

I was bored this morning (by morning, I mean just before noon), so I decided to make myself look like a person. Hey! Why not? Then, while I was admiring myself in the mirror, I thought it might be a good idea to send a picture of my uncommon hotness to my husband. I decided against it. Instead, I remembered I need to get my MWR card (it's an army thing I don't want to explain right now). Seizing the moment of attractiveness, I got in the van and headed to post. I looked at the clock. Noon!! They wouldn't be there. The army is a big fan of lunch time. I needed something to distract me, so I stopped by walgreens to collect this week's good deals. I left Walgreens with $7 register rewards and more time to kill, so I went to the other Walgreens. After the 2nd Walgreens I had finally killed enough time, so I drove myself to post and got my MWR card. Since I was already on post, I went over to the youth center and signed the kids up for basketball. Then, I went to the commissary to get some P&G inserts. They didn't have any, but that's Ok.
I love it when I am unintentionally productive.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

when little girls cheer.....

If you have seen my facebook videos, you know Jade is a pretty good little cheerleader. What you don't know is that for every video I upload there are atleast 8 that I don't. Why? Because stuff happens......
The Cuties attempted to do all 13 (yes they know 13 already) cheers they know back to back today, but never made it through here's why

Funny things from today's game:

Every time they did the we want a touch down cheer, the team would score. As hard as the coach tried, she couldn't get them to change the word want to got.

At one point, the coach left to talk to someone to set up an apointment for pictures, the girls were in the middle of a cheer. Everytime they finished it they would look back at the coach like "what do we do now" and then start again

The boys thought they found a spider on the blanket (I think it was a piece of grass) and totally freaked out until they decided it went underground to eat the worms.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My favorite primary lesson (part 2 Caibo )

And now, as promised, here are the many talents of Caibo

#1 He is not afraid to try new things.

#2 He is great at solving problems. (example: stacking things to get what he wants)

#3 He also loves to sing, and for you viewing pleasure I have included a video of him singing Stop in the Name of love

#4 He is an awesome bike rider. He is only 5 and has been riding without training wheels for more than a year. For a while we were afraid that he would beat Jade to the no training wheels status.

#5 He is great at reading people's feelings. When someone is sad or upset, he always tries to make them happy.

There you go. A few of the many talents of Caibo.

My favorite primary lesson (part 1 Jade )

I got a call from Jade's primary teacher last night. It is time for my favorite primary lesson: Talents. Now, you might be wondering why I love this lesson so much. Well, I taught primary for a few years, and I always loved this lesson because you learn so much about the kids. Part of the preparation for the lesson is calling each of the children's parents and asking them to tell you about the child's talents. I was always surprised to learn all the cool things that the kids can do. Anyways, since I have been thinking about it, I decided I would share the kids talents with you. I will post Jade's talents here and Caibo's in the next post. I was asked to come up with 5 talents, so that is what I will share.

#1 Jade loves to dance. She hasn't had many dance classes, but in the one she has had she caught on really quickly. For your viewing pleasure I have uploaded a video of her and Dani (who is a pretty good dancer herself)

#2 She is a good reader. Right now, she has the most AR points in her class. (In case you are wondering kids get AR points by reading books and then taking quizzes about the book they just read. They get 1 point for every quiz they take and pass)

#3 She is good at making and keeping friends.

#4 She loves to sing, and is pretty good at it. (also in the video)

#5 She rocks at memorization. I think she inherited my ability to memorize crazy things (like her brother's lunch number).

Well, there are some of Jade's many talents. Next, I will talk about Caibo.