Monday, September 13, 2010

My favorite primary lesson (part 1 Jade )

I got a call from Jade's primary teacher last night. It is time for my favorite primary lesson: Talents. Now, you might be wondering why I love this lesson so much. Well, I taught primary for a few years, and I always loved this lesson because you learn so much about the kids. Part of the preparation for the lesson is calling each of the children's parents and asking them to tell you about the child's talents. I was always surprised to learn all the cool things that the kids can do. Anyways, since I have been thinking about it, I decided I would share the kids talents with you. I will post Jade's talents here and Caibo's in the next post. I was asked to come up with 5 talents, so that is what I will share.

#1 Jade loves to dance. She hasn't had many dance classes, but in the one she has had she caught on really quickly. For your viewing pleasure I have uploaded a video of her and Dani (who is a pretty good dancer herself)

#2 She is a good reader. Right now, she has the most AR points in her class. (In case you are wondering kids get AR points by reading books and then taking quizzes about the book they just read. They get 1 point for every quiz they take and pass)

#3 She is good at making and keeping friends.

#4 She loves to sing, and is pretty good at it. (also in the video)

#5 She rocks at memorization. I think she inherited my ability to memorize crazy things (like her brother's lunch number).

Well, there are some of Jade's many talents. Next, I will talk about Caibo.


Kristine said...

The dancing girls are adorable and the boys in the background are priceless.

Betsy said...

and she is Nana's girl-miis you all much!!