Saturday, September 18, 2010

when little girls cheer.....

If you have seen my facebook videos, you know Jade is a pretty good little cheerleader. What you don't know is that for every video I upload there are atleast 8 that I don't. Why? Because stuff happens......
The Cuties attempted to do all 13 (yes they know 13 already) cheers they know back to back today, but never made it through here's why

Funny things from today's game:

Every time they did the we want a touch down cheer, the team would score. As hard as the coach tried, she couldn't get them to change the word want to got.

At one point, the coach left to talk to someone to set up an apointment for pictures, the girls were in the middle of a cheer. Everytime they finished it they would look back at the coach like "what do we do now" and then start again

The boys thought they found a spider on the blanket (I think it was a piece of grass) and totally freaked out until they decided it went underground to eat the worms.

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