Monday, September 13, 2010

My favorite primary lesson (part 2 Caibo )

And now, as promised, here are the many talents of Caibo

#1 He is not afraid to try new things.

#2 He is great at solving problems. (example: stacking things to get what he wants)

#3 He also loves to sing, and for you viewing pleasure I have included a video of him singing Stop in the Name of love

#4 He is an awesome bike rider. He is only 5 and has been riding without training wheels for more than a year. For a while we were afraid that he would beat Jade to the no training wheels status.

#5 He is great at reading people's feelings. When someone is sad or upset, he always tries to make them happy.

There you go. A few of the many talents of Caibo.


Kristine said...

This is precious.

Betsy said...

And he is Nana's M&M thief!!
I sure miss my kids!