Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear So and So seriously can anything else go wrong edition

Dear state tax commission,
Thank you for wording your letter about me forgetting to get my van inspected so nicely. I felt like enough of an idiot already. I appreciate you not rubbing it in.
Oh crap! Now I need a safety inspection

Dear employee of discount tire,
Thank you for actually showing me how bad my tires were instead of just assuming I would believe whatever you say like the guys at the other tire place do. Also thank you for the lecture about the importance of rotating my tires
The lady who hadn't rotated her tires in 3 years

Dear handsome husband of mine,
Isn't tire rotation your job? It's ok. I still love you.
the recipient of the tire rotation lecture.

Dear dodge caravan manufacturers,
Just in case you didn't know this already, your stupid tailight lenses fall off. Really, they just fall off, and then I have to buy an entire taillight assembly to fix it. I wouldn't be as upset if this wasn't the first time it happened.
considering a new vehicle

Dear Dixie Auto salvage,
I HATE your STUPID automated telephone system. Seriously, 3 days to talk to a real person. Not cool!! I have a hard time believing that you are really that busy.
Never calling you again.

Dear dad and Ken,
You guys are totally my heros for a while. Thanks for listening to my sad whiner story and finding me a taillight assembly. You totally saved me from a big scary ticket.
proud owner of a yellow 10 sticker

Dear Readers,
You can play too if you like. Head on over to Kat's blog to grab the Dear So and So picture and to read all the other Dear So and So letters this week.
Hi my name is Brandi and I'm addicted to dear so and so

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The great gift card adventure

My kids each received a $20 walmart gift card for their birthdays (Thankyou Adrienne!! They had a blast.)
The epic shopping trip: (Guess what!! I am the proud owner of a little girl just like me)
Caibo--> sees toy he wants. "Mom can I have this one?" Mom looks at price. "Yes you can" Caibo puts toy in cart. He is super thrilled and excited.
Jade--> sees toy she wants "Mom how much is this one?" Mom looks at price "It is $12" Jade thinks for a moment "If I get this how much money will I have left?" Mom does math Jade wants to know what else she can get. Repeat for every toy on the pink aisle
Caibo--> gets bored because Jade is taking so long. Sees something else he wants. "Mom can I have this one?" Mom looks at price "Yes you can" Caibo puts new toy in cart takes old toy out of the cart and puts it back.
Jade--> Repeat previous process for another 20 minutes
Caibo--> bored again finds, new toy trades it for the previous toy. Climbs into the cart and plays with the new toy
Mom--> gets really annoyed and tells Jade to just pick something already
Jade left the store with a dress, a tinkerbell hoodie that came with a bracelet, and a fur real friend
Caibo left the store with a city for his hot wheels car, and 4 cars to drive in it
Mom lost her math skills somewhere in the toy aisle, and kindly paid the tax she forgot to add in.

Jade--> finally picks something 10 minutes later

A hairy situation

I have gotten into the hair blogs lately, and have done some pretty awesome stuff (if I do say so myself) I would share some photos, but this is still not my computer.
Anyways, being the person I am, I cannot simply duplicate the hairdo as seen on the blog, I must make it my own. Yes, I am weird. Often I get ideas from hairstyles I see on people at the grocery store, while I am at work, whatever.
Today at work, a girl came in with the most beautiful hair and style I might add. I would have taken a picture, but I was working, and she probably would have freaked out. When she came up to the register I complimented her on her hairstyle and asked her how she did it. Her mother turned her around and explained it to me. The poor girl was mortified. I guess the people in line behind them gathered what was going on, because they also made a big deal about how cute her hair was. Meanwhile this poor girl is turning all kinds of shades of embarrassed.
I'm pretty sure the girl survived, and I shall be trying this hairstyle on my little girl Friday. I just wonder if I will ever see that hairstyle again. Did I mention the girl was from Colorado City?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear So and So: Army edition

Dear So and So...

To whom it may concern:
You would think that when someone enlists in the Army, there would be some way to register them to vote as Army and not in any particular state, or at least remove them from prospective jury lists. Not that we're not getting a big laugh out of this.
Just an idea,
Wife of a prospective Jurror

Dear I don't know who,
I understand that you have to be %100 percent sure of everything before you commit to anything, but you are severely interfering with my ability to procrastinate. Am I moving or not?
the Queen of procrastination

Dear Citi bank,
I understand that you have a reputation for not working well with real estate agents. Please make an exception for me. I REALLY want to live with my husband.
whiny homeowner

Dear Army,
Thank you for entertaining, feeding, clothing, and educating my husband. And for paying us for it. I really like being able to pay my bills again.
grateful for employment

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I totally just stole the little RTT picture from myself. That was easy.

Now that I look at it, I'll bet I could turn it into a blinkie, but I won't it's not mine to change.

My throat hurts.

I have these cockroaches with serious thrill issues that think they need to dive off the window in my bathroom. Usually they end up stuck on their backs. I pick them up and flush them. I have been wondering 2 things. #1 If cockroaches could survive a nuclear holocaust, why can't they get off their backs? #2 Are these the same 5 cockroaches doing it over and over again, because they enjoy the thrill ride?

Oh crap! It is 10:10. I guess I am not going swimming with my friends today. Sorry guys! What's next?

What is it that makes the top bunk cooler than the bottom one?

Ok that's all for today.
As soon as I get the internet on my computer working, I will post something real.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First of all Kat mentioned Handy Manny in her blog Did you know that the guy that does Manny's voice was Fez on That 70s show? I have not been able to watch Handy Manny since I found this out.

I bought a little package of ribbon at target for the sole purpose of scanning and color picking it. Oh the things digital scrapbooking does to your brain!!
I found these plates on e-bay like 2 years ago when I decided that I needed new dishes. I love them, but not $112 dollars worth. I found something similar at the cracker barrel a couple of weeks ago. I considered buying the, (except I'm poor) Then I thought, is having an Americana kitchen over the top for an army wife?

One more random army thought. The army did a back ground check for my husbands security clearance. Nobody told me this was going to happen. One day I just got a phone call phone some man from the department of defense. He was coming to my house for an interview in just a couple of days. This left me wondering. What do you wear for that? Should I offer him cookies and lemonade? Is he going to go through my house, or can I just clean the living room?

And that's my random thoughts for the day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Because I have to play

Dear So and So...
Ok I saw this on my aunt Becky's blog and just have to play too.

Dear indecisive lady at closing time,
I really don't care that you are redecorating your living room. I have not seen it and probably never will, so I have no idea which shade of off white will look the best. Personally, I don't like any of the fabrics you chose. However, I will stand here and smile while I cut 1 inch of 12 different fabrics so you can go home and ask your husband what he thinks, because really all I want is to go home from work as soon as I possibly can.
The smiling girl with the scissors

Dear digger,
I understand that you think you need fresh food, but do you really need to bite me so I will come shake the bowl for you? Can't someone else do it for you?
The lady that shakes the bowl