Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear So and So: Army edition

Dear So and So...

To whom it may concern:
You would think that when someone enlists in the Army, there would be some way to register them to vote as Army and not in any particular state, or at least remove them from prospective jury lists. Not that we're not getting a big laugh out of this.
Just an idea,
Wife of a prospective Jurror

Dear I don't know who,
I understand that you have to be %100 percent sure of everything before you commit to anything, but you are severely interfering with my ability to procrastinate. Am I moving or not?
the Queen of procrastination

Dear Citi bank,
I understand that you have a reputation for not working well with real estate agents. Please make an exception for me. I REALLY want to live with my husband.
whiny homeowner

Dear Army,
Thank you for entertaining, feeding, clothing, and educating my husband. And for paying us for it. I really like being able to pay my bills again.
grateful for employment


Mom in High Heels said...

Ha! I could have written your Army letters. Stupid Army. I appreciate the paychecks and the insurance and whatnot, but get it together people. You can TELL men run it. Women would be much more sensible about it.

The Sign Lady said...

I would be crazy not knowing where I'm going to be living or when.
Hope you guys get some answers SOON!