Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear So and So seriously can anything else go wrong edition

Dear state tax commission,
Thank you for wording your letter about me forgetting to get my van inspected so nicely. I felt like enough of an idiot already. I appreciate you not rubbing it in.
Oh crap! Now I need a safety inspection

Dear employee of discount tire,
Thank you for actually showing me how bad my tires were instead of just assuming I would believe whatever you say like the guys at the other tire place do. Also thank you for the lecture about the importance of rotating my tires
The lady who hadn't rotated her tires in 3 years

Dear handsome husband of mine,
Isn't tire rotation your job? It's ok. I still love you.
the recipient of the tire rotation lecture.

Dear dodge caravan manufacturers,
Just in case you didn't know this already, your stupid tailight lenses fall off. Really, they just fall off, and then I have to buy an entire taillight assembly to fix it. I wouldn't be as upset if this wasn't the first time it happened.
considering a new vehicle

Dear Dixie Auto salvage,
I HATE your STUPID automated telephone system. Seriously, 3 days to talk to a real person. Not cool!! I have a hard time believing that you are really that busy.
Never calling you again.

Dear dad and Ken,
You guys are totally my heros for a while. Thanks for listening to my sad whiner story and finding me a taillight assembly. You totally saved me from a big scary ticket.
proud owner of a yellow 10 sticker

Dear Readers,
You can play too if you like. Head on over to Kat's blog to grab the Dear So and So picture and to read all the other Dear So and So letters this week.
Hi my name is Brandi and I'm addicted to dear so and so


Kat said...

Now don't you feel better ;)

The Laughing Idiot said...

Very funny! I'm a firm believer that husbands are in charge of the vehicles. They should just know when you're going to hit 3,000 miles and therefore, need a tire rotation & oil change. Even if they don't have a crystal ball telling them when such day will occur, is it so hard to pop their head inside our cars and check the odometer? Men . . .

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Becky the Sign Lady said...

I'm supposed to rotate my tires?

I agree with you on your dad and Ken being totally awesome.
I'm sure they wish I wasn't so needy, but hey, your Dad owes me for NOT killing him when he was little.

Haven said...

This was so funny to read! Love it!