Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A hairy situation

I have gotten into the hair blogs lately, and have done some pretty awesome stuff (if I do say so myself) I would share some photos, but this is still not my computer.
Anyways, being the person I am, I cannot simply duplicate the hairdo as seen on the blog, I must make it my own. Yes, I am weird. Often I get ideas from hairstyles I see on people at the grocery store, while I am at work, whatever.
Today at work, a girl came in with the most beautiful hair and style I might add. I would have taken a picture, but I was working, and she probably would have freaked out. When she came up to the register I complimented her on her hairstyle and asked her how she did it. Her mother turned her around and explained it to me. The poor girl was mortified. I guess the people in line behind them gathered what was going on, because they also made a big deal about how cute her hair was. Meanwhile this poor girl is turning all kinds of shades of embarrassed.
I'm pretty sure the girl survived, and I shall be trying this hairstyle on my little girl Friday. I just wonder if I will ever see that hairstyle again. Did I mention the girl was from Colorado City?

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