Monday, July 28, 2008

Rough Housing

Jerry has been back in Mexico for just over two weeks now (15 days to be exact), and Caibo has been going into severe rough housing withdrawal. Thank goodness Jason came over tonight. Anyways, he was spinning Caibo on the floor which is one of Caibo's favorite things, and I got the video of it. Now, I am sharing it with you because this video makes me laugh.

Gypsy Lady

Well, it is Monday which means that Rachael sent me a cool new kit to play with. This one is called "Gypsy Lady". I know that usually I don't really say anything I just put the pictures up, but today I am not going to because I love this kit. The colors are so dramatic that the results are breath taking. If you get a chance go check out Rachael's gallery The stuff the other Ladies made is amazing.

As always, if you love this kit like I do the blinkie will take you to Rachel's store.

Friday, July 25, 2008

If you give a girl a tutu...

A while back I was doing a little blog stalking (I do that more than I should). Anyways, my friend had a video on how to make a Tutu. I had to try it. It was super easy and turned out way cute. I wanted to take a couple pictures to make a cute page, but it ended up being more than 100 pictures. Jade loves the camera way too much.
Credits: Daydreams by Rachel @ (as always, the blinkie will take you to her store)

Monday, July 21, 2008

The tooth fairy came.

Well, the tooth fairy did make a visit to our house last night. Jade realized this at about 1:30 in the morning. She was super excited, but that wore off. She woke up this morning wailing and sobbing because her tooth was gone. I have this theory that the tooth fairy was invented by some mother who had a child like mine who collects weird and random things like teeth. I think I may be onto something. She did finally get over it enough to stop wailing, but it took the prestige of getting to buy candy with her own money to make her forget about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The tooth fairy is coming

It is happening already. Jade lost her first tooth this morning.
She caught it on her shirt getting dressed last week. After that, the drama began. She couldn't eat anything because it hurt her tooth. She brushed her teeth and brushed her teeth and brushed her teeth pretty much any time she got a chance.
That's actually what she was doing when the tooth came out. I was reading my primary lesson this morning, when she started squealing. She was so excited and proud.
I think the funniest was when she showed Caibo. She proclaimed, "Look Caibo! I lost my tooth." He replied, "It's ok I'll help you find it." She was pretty upset that he didn't understand.
Well, that's the excitement at my house. I've gotta go. The tooth fairy is coming. I hope I can find some change.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It begins again

Well, back in the day (some of you may remember this) Jade had these "friends" they were always going to come over, but never did until one day I opened the door and let them in. After that, Ella and the Tonies caused all sorts of adventures. Now, Caibo has a robot. Today, his robot was outside the window holding his green balloon. I think his robot is a girl, but he refers to everything as she: his pocket, his trains, his pajamas, EVERYTHING. Honestly, I thought that because he is a boy we wouldn't do the imaginary friend thing again, but I guess we are. Bring it on! Jade's "friends" went away when she started preschool, maybe Caibo will do the same. One year with a robot couldn't be too bad. Could it?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I should probably be sleeping, but I'm scrapping instead

If any of you were wondering, this is what I am usually doing when I should be sleeping. I finally got the courage to try some cool things I've been wanting to for a while. Anyways, here it is (credits are located below the pictures).

"Being a boy" freebie from Phillsboo at (aka DAC)

"Good Mood" freebie by A-liya at DAC

"Mango Tango" collab kit by Sunshine Studios

"Neon Tantrum" freebie by MGL scraps

"Gulf Coast" kit by Rachael at DAC (the blinkie will take you there)

"Gulf Coast" kit by Rachael at DAC (the blinkie will take you there)

"Mango Tango" collab kit by Sunshine Studios

"Mango Tango" collab kit by Sunshine Studios

"Some Kind of Love" mini kit by Ellie Lash

"BRN" freebie by Fanziska Altmann

Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't tell Nana. Mom's an alien.

Before I begin this story, there are 3 things you need to know about me. #1 Driving is not one of my talents. I do not really care for driving. In fact, when I was 16 my mother drug me down to the DMV and made me get my driver's license so I could run errands for her. (If you don't believe me, just ask my mom). I'm not very good at multi tasking, so if I am driving, chewing gum, and singing along with the radio I have pretty much reached my max potential. #2 I eat weird. When I eat pizza, sandwiches, or hamburgers I pick the toppings off first, then eat the rest. #3 I had only had my driver's license for about a week, when I hit the pole at the bank and totally dented my mom's van. I wouldn't go through a drive through unless someone made me until after Jade was old enough to terrorize the lobby at the bank. Needless to say, I do not really care for drive thrus. Oh! I lied. There are four things. #4 All of the above drives Jerry crazy.

That being said, I can start my story. We were driving up to Salt Lake to take Jerry to the airport Saturday night. We made it just past Cedar City before Jerry was too tired to drive, so it became my responsibility. I stopped at Carl's Junior in Fillmore to get some dinner. I would have gone in, but Jerry made me go through the drive thru. We got back onto the freeway, and ate while we were driving. Jerry handed me my burger, and I ate it toppings and all until I couldn't handle it anymore. I got him to hold the steering wheel while I pulled the tomato off the burger and ate it. He just shook his head and asked "Are you going to take the lettuce off, too?" not knowing I all ready had. When he realized the lettuce was gone, he said, "Caibo! Geuss what." which Caibo had been doing to us for the last 100 miles with responses ranging from "Mc Donalds. It's so far away. I can't see it." to "Jade did it" Anyways, after Jerry got Caibo's attention he said "Don't tell Nana. Mom's an alien." So, if you ask my children. I am an alien.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've been a slacker.

Ok, I've been slacking again. I think it's time to post some pictures and such.

Since Jerry was going to be at scout camp on Caibo's actual birthday (if you didn't know we have nick-named Jerry the birthday nazi because he is so strict about birthdays only being celebrated on the actual birthday) we had a BBQ and cake and ice cream on the 4th. It was a lot of fun. Seth and Caralee got Caibo this dinosaur. He loves it so much he sleeps with it. Sydney is also in this picture. She was so much fun. I had no idea she loves the camera as much as she does.

Yesterday, I took the kids to Jumpin Jacks. They had a blast. Caibo loved the big slides. He also loved the one bounce house, but couldn't get out. I had to go in and get him out several times. Lifting a 3 year old over your head is hard. I also ran into my friend Talease. I hadn't seen her since I left Tremonton. That was pretty cool. It's a small world after all.
This is Caibo the day he was born. My baby is 3 now. It's crazy how fast they grow.

Caibo is a punk, and a chocoholic. I think for his Birthday he was most excited to have a chocolate cake, until he found out that he was getting presents.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I will never update my computer again.

It's official. I am refusing to update my computer no matter how many updates it says I have. The last 2 times I have updated it, something went horribly wrong and Seth had to come rescue me. I'm sorry Seth, I promise I'm not breaking it on purpose. Thanks for fixing it. Anyways, now that the computer is good again, I'll get some pictures posted and such, but not right now. I have some scrap booking to do.