Friday, July 18, 2008

It begins again

Well, back in the day (some of you may remember this) Jade had these "friends" they were always going to come over, but never did until one day I opened the door and let them in. After that, Ella and the Tonies caused all sorts of adventures. Now, Caibo has a robot. Today, his robot was outside the window holding his green balloon. I think his robot is a girl, but he refers to everything as she: his pocket, his trains, his pajamas, EVERYTHING. Honestly, I thought that because he is a boy we wouldn't do the imaginary friend thing again, but I guess we are. Bring it on! Jade's "friends" went away when she started preschool, maybe Caibo will do the same. One year with a robot couldn't be too bad. Could it?

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carrie said...

that is soo funny! Tony used to have imaginary friends when he was little too. Of course I don't mind if you read my blog, I'm glad you found us, it's good to see what your family are up too, your kids are soo grown up, wow! I just buy the tutu material at walmart, it's really cheap, then I cut it into about 6 inch wide stripes, it doesn't need to be perfect, you can do whatever size or length you want, it's really easy. Have fun! Oh, by the way, I like to use the non rolling elastic it is way better.