Sunday, July 20, 2008

The tooth fairy is coming

It is happening already. Jade lost her first tooth this morning.
She caught it on her shirt getting dressed last week. After that, the drama began. She couldn't eat anything because it hurt her tooth. She brushed her teeth and brushed her teeth and brushed her teeth pretty much any time she got a chance.
That's actually what she was doing when the tooth came out. I was reading my primary lesson this morning, when she started squealing. She was so excited and proud.
I think the funniest was when she showed Caibo. She proclaimed, "Look Caibo! I lost my tooth." He replied, "It's ok I'll help you find it." She was pretty upset that he didn't understand.
Well, that's the excitement at my house. I've gotta go. The tooth fairy is coming. I hope I can find some change.

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