Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I think my brain ran away.

Today, I paid the bills like a good girl. It was all going fine until I opened the utility bill. I couldn't figure out why I owed them so much money. I started reading, and they didn't think I paid them last month which I was pretty sure I did, so I went to my bank online to try to figure it it. Sure enough, I did pay them. Next I called the utility company. We were all confused. Finally they told me to bring in a copy of the check front and back. By the time I got to the city offices they had it figured out. I sent the check for the internet company to the utilities office and the other way around. This would not have been a big deal except the utilities check was like 3 times the amount of the internet check. Oddly nobody at the internet office the utility office or the bank noticed this and both check went through. So yes, I am feeling super brilliant right now, and as if that wasn't enough when we left the city offices I put Caibo in his car seat and buckled him in it. The only problem was that I had been using the car seat as a booster seat, so it wasn't buckled to the seat of the van. If you have seen my brain could you please return it to me. I think I need it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh yeah! That's what I was doing.

Ok Now that my brain is back (well mostly) I can say what I was going to say. I made some more stuff with Rachael's lovely kits Grade School and Varsity. I like them so much I'll probably make more when I get my brain all the way back. As always, you can find these awesome kits at Rachael's store
Credits: Grade School by Rachael @ DAC

Credits: Grade School by Rachael @ Digital Arts Cafe

Credits: Varsity by Rachael @ DAC

Friday, August 22, 2008


Rachael has been hard at work yet again. This week she came out with two beautiful kits: Grade School and Varsity. All the red, white, and black got me thinking back to my days at BRHS. I got a little brave and pulled out some pics from back in the day.
If you knew me in high school be warned you were probably in the pictures too. If you didn't know me in high school, be prepared to laugh your butt off, because I was a dork. Anyways, I've only done one so far, but there are more to come.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Starry Starry Night

When I finally did get Jade to tell me about her day at school, I was pleasantly surprised. I asked her what they did in art time. Honestly, I was just asking question to try to spark some kind of excitement. I didn't even know if they had art time or not. She said they had talked about an artist that drew funny paintings that people made fun of and he was so upset he cut his ear off and they still made of fun him and he was so sad that he died.
I'm really proud of myself because I remembered this story from school. I asked her if they had talked about Van Gogh and she said yes. I asked if she had seen any of his paintings and, she replied, "Yes, 'Starry Starry Night'"
I don't remember learning any art history until middle school. At this rate, she'll make it to second grade before her homework is too hard for me to help her anymore. I'd better get studying or something.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

C&C Trouble Inc

I promise this is the last post tonight. I just couldn't resist the cuteness of this.
Caibo had his friend Chad over today while his mom was running some errands. Caibo and Chad never get to play without their sisters, so it was really fun to watch them actually play together. Their favorite was riding the tricycles.

Later tonight I went to pick up Jade and the boys went off riding their tricycles again. That was when I decided to call them C&C Trouble Inc.


Jade had her first official day of kindergarten today. She even got to ride the bus to school and back all by herself. She was excited that her friend Sammy rides the same bus-- so excited, in fact, that she would not hug me goodbye. For the record, I did not cry when I dropped Jade off, but Caibo was doing enough crying for the both of us. It broke his little heart that he didn't get to ride the school bus, too.
When she got home she wouldn't tell me much except that she had painted a picture of me and the dogs. She later told me the entire story the teacher had read to the class. Speaking of reading I have homework now. We have a little calendar where I have to keep track of the number of minutes I read to Jade each day. Tonight, the kids were so tired they fell asleep while I was reading to them.

waiting for the bus to come

still waiting for the bus to come (it was 30 min late)

waving bye to mom and Caibo

Playing I-spy in Nebraska

Last week, we went to visit my sister. She lives in Ireton, Iowa. Map Quest claims it is a 19 hour drive. Obviously, the people who figured this out for Map quest did not have children. To make a long story short it took us 30 hours to drive there; we did sleep for 5 hours, but still that is not 19 hours. The highlight of the drive there was when Jade decided she wanted to play I-spy in the middle of Nebraska. We were desperately trying to come up with things to spy that were close enough that Jade could see them but far enough away we wouldn't pass them and that were not corn. We managed to make the game last for at least 30 minutes which is not bad considering the content of Nebraska. (If you have been there you know what I am talking about.) Anyways, here are some pictures of our excitement and adventures (minus the pictures of Nebraska that mysteriously disappeared).

Are we there yet?

Caibo and Mikey bathing in the sink

Jade at the park

My nephew Mikey. He just turned one. We had his birthday party while we were there.

Caibo on a swing

I almost forgot. Caibo's "Robot" made an appearance in Iowa and on the way home, but I haven't heard about it since. I'll have to wait and see if it made it home or is lost somewhere in Nebraska.

New Layouts

While I was off playing in Iowa , Rachael was hard at work creating beautiful new things to scrap with. Some of the pictures are old and some of the pictures are a preview of coming posts.
Credits: Rue Beinville by Rachael at DAC (digitalarts-cafe.com)

Credits: Simply Blue by Rachael at DAC

Credits: Rue Beinville by Rachael @ DAC

Credits: Simply Blue by Rachael @ DAC
If you like Rachael's products you can find her store HERE

And I'm back

Well, I'm back and things have finally settled down enough that I can spend a little time on my blog. Yippee!! I have lots of pictures and stories and such, but I am a little OCD and can not put multiple topics in the same post. It would be too wierd, so instead I'll do lots of little posts. Bring it on!!