Saturday, October 23, 2010

red+ yellow+ blue= brown

The color wheel thing sounded like such a brilliant idea, I made a trip to the craft store. We got us some paint and poster board and mixed colors until the kids were bored of mixing (I know, I didn't know that was possible either). In case you missed the title, red+yellow+blue=brown.

recent happenings, and random funny things

It's autumn time. It's autumn time..... eventually the leaves will get all red. In the meantime, the leaves keep piling and piling on the backyard. They were everywhere until I piled them up yesterday afternoon. The pile was almost as tall as Caibo. Probably, the leaves are everywhere again this morning. I haven't dared look yet.
In honor of the cooler weather, Jade brought home the first disease of the season. The school called me Thursday to let me know she had a fever and that I should come get her. So I went and retrieved her from school. Long story short, and sparing you the ugly details, she has the strep. Good times....No, not really.
I got some sense and sprays for beyond super cheap at target a while back. I finally decided to clean my bathroom counter off and set one up. Last night Caibo came out of the bathroom screaming in terror. "Mom!! There is something evil in the bathroom!" It would seem he is not a fan.
Jade was reading to Caibo from her school reading book this morning. They were looking through all the pictures.
Jade looked up and asked, "Mom, do gorrillas like to hold kittens or eat them?"
I probably haven't mentioned this, but both kids are in super quesiton mode right now. I get asked all kids of weird crap. Caibo is like a walking quiz show host. "Mom, what's 1+1 what's 2+2 what's 4+4 what's 8+8..." He keeps going until I cannot answer anymore or he can't repeat the last number I said. Currently we are in the thousands. He is also big on color mixing. "Mom, blue+ yellow what's blue+white" but my personal favorites "What's purple+ yellow what's red+ black..." I may have to buy some paint to solve this problem.
So, if you want to jump in some leaves, catch a disease, or be a contestant on a quiz show, come on over. We're having a good time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Actual news (I know this never happens)

It's true. Things have actually been going on here besides the disappearance of my icecream.
First, a word about skinny jeans:
When I was in middle school, I believe they called them tapered. They were evil then, and they are evil now. The thing is, some girls have curves (like an actual waist). I am one of those girls. Skinny jeans make me butt look super gigantic, and believe me I need all the help I can get. Why is this important? Well, I have lost 22lbs. My jeans are literally falling off my body. It's an embarassing thing. I decided to do something about it, so I took myself down to the local walmart (remember, I am not a rich girl) and get me some jeans. I found jeans, tried jeans on, and left with no jeans. The only good thing was that I left knowing I could probably fit into that pair of goal jeans I have been saving for the past forever, AND I DID. Now, I have to go buy new goal jeans, as soon as I find somewhere that doesn't sell skinny jeans.
Big news #2:
One Sunday as we were driving to church, one of my kids said, "Mom, I wish you were in primary with us." I was sitting in Sunday school when one of the Bishopric pulled me out to talk to me. Long story short, now I am the Second Counselor in the primary presidency. How did my kids know?
Big news #3:
Miracles never cease. The offer came in the night before we were going to take it off the market. Now, I get to regather the mountain of paper work and pray that Citi Mortgage accepts the offer.
Ok, you are now caught up on the big news. Consider yourself informed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where is my ice cream?

Once upon a time, I bought some vanilla icecream. It said something about being creamy. I tried it in a milk shake. It was weird. The next day, the spare army guy was digging through the freezer and found it. I told him it was weird, but he made it into a rootbeer float anyways. He told me it was weird. Tonight I was going to make rootbeer floats for the kids, but the icecream was gone. Not hiding, GONE. Then, I was going to give the kids some rootbeer, but it was almost gone too.
I guess that explains why I came home to such a sparkling clean kitchen the other night after cheer practice.