Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where is my ice cream?

Once upon a time, I bought some vanilla icecream. It said something about being creamy. I tried it in a milk shake. It was weird. The next day, the spare army guy was digging through the freezer and found it. I told him it was weird, but he made it into a rootbeer float anyways. He told me it was weird. Tonight I was going to make rootbeer floats for the kids, but the icecream was gone. Not hiding, GONE. Then, I was going to give the kids some rootbeer, but it was almost gone too.
I guess that explains why I came home to such a sparkling clean kitchen the other night after cheer practice.


Rebecka said...

Spare army guy?

Evidently the ice cream wasn't all that weird.

Brandi Beaver said...

Once upon a time, my husband brought home a friend in about the same manner a kid would bring home a puppy. I get to keep him until the army either says he can go to afghanistan with the rest of them or that he can't live here anymore. It's a really long story. If you are ever bored I would happy to tell it to you.