Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The great gift card adventure

My kids each received a $20 walmart gift card for their birthdays (Thankyou Adrienne!! They had a blast.)
The epic shopping trip: (Guess what!! I am the proud owner of a little girl just like me)
Caibo--> sees toy he wants. "Mom can I have this one?" Mom looks at price. "Yes you can" Caibo puts toy in cart. He is super thrilled and excited.
Jade--> sees toy she wants "Mom how much is this one?" Mom looks at price "It is $12" Jade thinks for a moment "If I get this how much money will I have left?" Mom does math Jade wants to know what else she can get. Repeat for every toy on the pink aisle
Caibo--> gets bored because Jade is taking so long. Sees something else he wants. "Mom can I have this one?" Mom looks at price "Yes you can" Caibo puts new toy in cart takes old toy out of the cart and puts it back.
Jade--> Repeat previous process for another 20 minutes
Caibo--> bored again finds, new toy trades it for the previous toy. Climbs into the cart and plays with the new toy
Mom--> gets really annoyed and tells Jade to just pick something already
Jade left the store with a dress, a tinkerbell hoodie that came with a bracelet, and a fur real friend
Caibo left the store with a city for his hot wheels car, and 4 cars to drive in it
Mom lost her math skills somewhere in the toy aisle, and kindly paid the tax she forgot to add in.

Jade--> finally picks something 10 minutes later

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