Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So: tales from the road

I survived my 4 days driving across the country (BTW if you didn't know I just moved from Utah to Florida), I am somewhat moved into my new house, and 1/2 my kids are in school. To celebrate......
Dear So and So...
Dear dude at Jade's school,
When I mentioned I was surprised that you had to wait a day after you register your kid for school to actually take them to school, I was simply making small talk. Your response, "With all the military here, they are probably worried people just dropping their kids off at school and not coming back," flabbergasted me to the point of no response. I couldn't even open my mouth to say that I am infact an army wife.
How dare you make such a ridiculous generalization!! These people are out fighting for our freedom because they love their families so much.
I hope to never run into you again.
still angry days later,
Army wife

Dear whoever knows,
I noticed that the state of new mexico has these "safety corridors" where the fines double for speeding. I also noticed that most of them are under construction. As we all know, fines double for speeding in a work zone. I am left wondering: If you were to get caught speeding in a "safety corridor" that is under construction would they quadruple your fine?
super curious

Dear lady at the water company,
When I asked for a phone book, I really did intend to keep it. I had to go talk to you anyways, and I was in desperate need of a phone book. You just looked at me weird when I left.
yay! I have a phone book

Dear Walmart,
I just wanted you to know that the walmart in FWB is way too crowed all the time, and it is a 25 minute drive from my house. I know I was spoiled to have 3 walmarts within 15 minutes of my old house. Please consider building a walmart closer to my house. Please.
tired of driving to walmart

Dear weather,
I don't know if you caught that detail, but I live in Florida now. Twenty degrees and snow are not appropriate Florida weather. Warm up already!! I want to go to the beach.

And if you want to play along with all the dear so and so fun head on over to kat's blog and check it out.


diane said...

I can't believe that guy said that to you.
I used to live in Florida, back in the good old warm days. Hope you get to swim soon.

Kat said...

Me being me, I would have said "I am Military" I probably would have addressed the person as a jackass from that point on in the conversation, but that is just me.

Tink said...

I am so glad I stopped by. You are in my neck of the woods. Since you mention the one being 25 minutes away, I presume you are in the NV/VP area. If so, there is a closer one :)

Tink said...

If you would like to email me at:


I'll be glad to send you the specifics. Sometime this year they are suppose to have one finished in town, but wouldn't count on it right now.