Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is for you Allison

So, I guess I didn't really explain where I am exactly. I'm not going to be too specific because my blog is not private and I don't want crazies at my door, and really sometimes I have no idea where I am.
Seriously, unless I am looking at my GPS screen I can't tell you which way north is. I live on a street that runs into the forest on both ends, and my house faces the house across the street. Maybe one day I will get it all sorted out, but for now I have decided it doesn't really matter.
The city I am in is called Niceville. You can look at a map of the area here. It is a smallish town (I think). Their claim to fame is their yearly mullet festival. You can see some awesome mullet photos here. Sadly, I will probably move before the mullet festival.
Technically, we are closer to Alabama than we are to Orlando (but we think we figured out how to get the resident rate at Disney World). I imagine things are about as southern as they get here. You here alot of ma'am, and all the women at the schools are referred to as Ms (it sounds more like miss though). You see signs for BBQ, fried catfish (very good BTW), and boiled peanuts. We have squirells in our trees, and get raccoons at night if we leave the trash can open.
So far, I love it here. The beaches are close, the people are friendly, and it is sooo GREEN.

**So upon further inspection, the pictures of the mullet festival don't really have any mullets. How is that possible?**


Becky the Design Lady said...

I'm disappointed that there are no actual mullets. However, looks like they have some fine looking entertainment. Too bad you're gonna miss that.

Tink said...

Welcome.... to our fair town (village maybe). How are you enjoying the weather lately?

Alli E. said...

Thanks for the post! It sounds like a nice, quaint town with a "nice" name! We miss you but are glad you are with your hubby!! That mullet festival could be awesome!! Too bad they wouldn't prob let J grow a mullet!!