Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it earrings or ear rings?

This is kindof a long story, but if you don't understand the history of the situation it doesn't make sense.
Long, long ago I mentioned to my husband that I wanted some new earrings. We went online and browsed. I found lots and lots that I liked, but he said I couldn't have earring for Christmas. Thinking that I wasn't getting any, I bought a pair I liked on ebay. When the earrrings from ebay arrived, he was upset. I was confused. It wasn't like I had spent too much money or anything (If I remember right, they were less than $10 shipped). What I didn' know was that he had gone to the jewelry store and bought me fancy earrings. So, that was the great earring battle of long, long ago. Moral of the story: "You can't have that" means "I am going to buy that to surprise you"
After that, I was pretty sure I would never be receiving jewelry from my husband ever again. A couple of Christmases later we were shopping for the kids and he had me pick out a pair of earrings at the walmart. Christmas morning came and I opened the earrings I had chosen, except they weren't the earrings I had chosen. He had switched them out for a cute little pair of diamond stud earrings. I LOVED them. He was excited because they were "upgradable". Random Brandi fact: I do not like big jewelry AT ALL. I had zero interest in upgrading my earrings ever, and in order to prevent this from happening I rarely take them out.
Ok history lesson over.
Last Sunday we were at a friend's house when I noticed I had lost my earring. When Mr. B found out he was excited. This meant that he finally got to buy me bigger earrings (Seriously, I haven't taken these things our for literally years.) Monday, while we were out and about running errands, he took me to a jewelry store where we met the most annoying sales person ever.
Things to know about me and jewelry shopping: 1) I might not look like it but I am almost 29 years old. Unless you are related to me, don't call me sweetheart 2) When I say that I don't ever want 3/4 carrot diamonds in my ears I am 100% serious 3) I don't care what S V I or whatever the diamond is rated as long as it is sparkly I am good 4) I don't require some weird certificate or whatever 5) I have expensive taste, but I will never like a pair of earrings as much as I like $600 6) I am not a fan of "protection plans"
Needless to say we did not buy earrings from the evil sales lady. We did check out a couple of other stores, but never found a pair that I just had to have.
Besides, we all lived happily ever after because that very same night Jade found the earring I had lost.

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Betsy said...

Love your happy ever after story!!