Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So and So: Laundry day

Dear So and So...

Dear Mr B,

I would like to publicly apologize for my epic laundry failure the other day. I assure you that the situation has been taken care of, and it will not occur again (atleast for another week or two)


The laundry lady

Dear Friends of Mr B.,

I have been told that you have a habit of wearing your ACU pants a little low. Now, I don't have to look at you while you are at school, so I really don't care. I would just like to issue some friendly advice. If you would wear your pants wear they belong, I wouldn't have to keep fixing them.


Expert torn pants fixer

Dear smiley and smilier,

I do not wash glitter balls, hot wheels cars, prince charming, polly pocket, or GI Joe. If I find these items in the dirty clothes hamper they will be confiscated.


Not the launderer of all things

Dear Mother Nature,

Please pick a weather pattern and stick with it, so I really can take half of the smilies' wardrobes away. Every time I do, you change your mind, and I have to get them back out again. I'm not impressed.


Pulling the shorts out AGAIN.

Dear Readers,

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