Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baking with Brandi

I have the absolute best sugar cookie recipe ever, and I like to pull it out for special occasions (usually Valentines day, Christmas, and Halloween if you get really lucky). You see, I enjoy sugar cookies, but I am not especially fond of the mess it takes to make them. Still, I decided it was time to make some heart shaped cookies. This was a really good idea until........
Brandi's baking lesson of the day:
Always make sure you have a cookie cutter before you make the cookie dough
It would seem that I forgot a few things when I moved here from Utah (my heart cookie cutter, my lamps, my wedding pictures?, and I'm sure there's more) So, my sous chef and I made some not so run of the mill Valentine's cookies.

As you can see we made "St. Patrick's stars," cats, candy canes, and "apples"

Conversation between me and the sous chef who was way too excited to be using a cookie cutter
Him: "Can I push it down yet?"
Me: "Hold your horses."
Him: "What??"
Me: "Hold your horses."
Him: "No mom, it's a cat."

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Betsy said...

awesome sous chef--and very cute!!