Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't worry I always come back (eventually)

It is true. I haven't blogged alot lately. It's not that I don't have anything going on (quite the opposite actually). Honestly I don't even know where to begin, but because I like you (and because people are beginning to worry about my well being) I will fill you in.
Jerry has finished his 8 weeks of AIT in Alabama. Somehow the army manages to turn 8 weeks into 3 months. I don't know how they do it, but they are REALLY good at it. He is now at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. 3/4 of my time and energy have been devoted to trying to get myself, my children, and all of our stuff to Florida. It's more complicated than it sounds especially when you add the army into the mix. At the rate I am going I expect to be in Florida sometime before 2010 (I hope).
The kids are back in school. Jade is in first grade. She loves it. Her penmanship gets better every day, thanks to her teacher who has a handwriting obsession. It was fun to watch her last night as she sat down to study her spelling words for the first time (atleast that I have seen). I know she will do great on her test today. Caibo is going to Wee wonders preschool (thanks to everyone on facebook that recommended it to me and saved my butt). He absolutely loves it. Yesterday he brought home Slush the class pet (a stuffed dog). He was so cute carrying him around and feeding him his bottle.
I spent Labor Day weekend with Jerry in Florida looking for a place to live. We got to go to the beach. Fort Walton Beach has the whitest sand I have ever seen (and I have been to Aruba) and the water was so warm. It had been stormy all day, so there were waves to jump and play in. We had a great time. I didn't want to come home, but I did it anyway. I hope we get to move soon.
Last week, I tripped and fell. I hurt my arm, but refused to go to the doctor. Yesterday, my arm was still hurting me, so I finally gave in and went to the instacare. I got to have my first x-rays ever, which was kindof cool (until I get the bill). It turns out that I broke my elbow. (for all my readers who speak medical the words he used were fractured radial head) I don't have a cast yet. Dr. Prince will decide that on Tuesday. Jade says if I need a cast I should get pink. That seems a bit flashy to me. Caibo told me he tripped and broke his "elmo" and the put a pair of his "lucky underwear" on his arm to immitate the sling the Dr. gave me. I wish I could have gotten a picture it was hilarious.
I think that covers about half of everything, but I have written enough to prove that I am still alive. Eventually, I will post some pictures. Maybe I should make a poll. It could ask what you think will happen first: moving to florida or posting pictures.

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