Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RTT again

Yeah. It has been a week, but I am back. And once again it is random thought tuesday

I'm not sure today's attempt at stealing the little picture will work, but stealing the picture is my new tuesday ritual. I comes right after reading everyone elses random thoughts and realizing that I am pretty normal.

I have a headache, but I am too lazy to get out of this chair and take some ibuprofen, so you all just get to listen to me whine about my headache. (lucky you)

Jade lost a tooth today. Garbage day really is the best day to loose a tooth, which reminds me. I lost the tooth. I took the little ziplock and the tooth was gone. Oh crap! Now I have to go find a tooth.

Yeah, that's it for this week. I would promise news again, but we both know that I won't be back either until Dear So and So on Friday or next Tuesday. That's just how I roll.

Jade woke up this morning all upset because the tooth fairy didn't come. (Guess who forgot to go find the tooth) I sent her back to her room, and she did find her toy. She is very excited about it, and has decided to put the tooth under her pillow again tonight to see if the tooth fairy will come back and get it. She is pretty sure she will get money this time. She also went into the bathroom this morning and was so impressed that it was clean that she was sure the tooth fairy cleaned it for me. I wish the tooth fairy really cleaned house. That would be the best.

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