Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just wondering

It is true. My life has been a little bit crazy lately, especially my computer situation. I have switched back to wireless internet which is an interesting experience. I really would like to know why Jade can go to while someone on the other computer is online, but I can't go anywhere. I guess my computer just favors Jade.
Anyways, I have been switching back and forth between computers. I have noticed that on the other computer my blog looks really dark. So I have been wondering, does my blog look dark on your monitor. Really, I would like to know. Also, if it is dark can someone explain to me how to calibrate my monitor so it is not so dark.
Also, for your personal enjoyment, I have a short story. Jade has been BEGGING me to let her go to She gets there just fine on my computer. This morning I let her try it upstairs. She was getting all frustrated because it wouldn't go, so I went to help her. She had typed You have no idea how glad I am that is really not a website. I guess will be getting added to our bookmarks.
And seriously I do want to know. Does my blog look dark to you.


Becky the Sign Lady said...

It looks fine on my computer monitor, but a little dark on my laptop.
If it's your pc monitor that you need to adjust, there should be some buttons either on the side or the bottom of the monitor that will let you adjust all kinds of things, including brightness.
If it's your laptop, hit the function key and the key that has the light/dark lightbulb to lighten things up.

Becky the Sign Lady said...

Just being a comment hog.

The HoeBarbie story is hilarious. I'm scared to Google to see how close she was to seeing a whole lotta stuff she just doesn't need to see.

carrie said...

Looks normal to me!