Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear So and So: there is a reason I only have 2 children

Dear So and So...
Yay! It is time again for Dear so and so. I love Fridays.

Dear sweet morning boy,
I know I put you to bed early last night. I know you had already had 8 hours of sleep. Waking up at 4 am is still not funny, and at this hour I really don't want to entertain you. Just wanted to remind you in case you think about doing this again.
Not a morning person,

Dear fisher price,
Once like 2 years ago I bought something from your website. Now you send me the catalog. Don't get me wrong, there is some cool stuff in there, and I totally understand what a great marketing tool it is, but sending 1 catalog to a house with four children is torture to parents. Maybe next time you could personally address one to each of the children, and save us a huge fight.
Tired of hearing the fight,
the mother who let her son take his "magazine" to show and tell

Dear fluffy puppies,
Yesterday the pound called to tell me they found a beagle. They thought it might be one of you. I think you are getting a reputation. You might want to work on staying in the backyard.
not amused,
refusing to pay $140 to bail you out next time
P.S. While you're at it can you turn the volume down a bit?

Ok that's all for now. Go check out Kat's blog for more Dear so and so fun

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