Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading the wrong line

So last week, being the newly responsible person I am, I wrote down my entire work schedule and found babysitters for the entire week. I was so proud of myself. I had it all figured out. Well, Monday rolled around, and I went to do the center time thing only there was no center time because of the Suessical. Because I had a bit of free time I took Caibo into work. (I was hoping we could find something to replace his falling apart blanket that he drags everywhere, but that's a totally different story.) I was immediately confronted by like 3 different people wanting to know why I wasn't at work on Sunday. I kept telling them that it was because I wasn't scheduled Sunday. None of them believed me, so I walked back and looked at the schedule. Ooops! I had read the wrong line for the entire week. I was kindof glad I went in though. I was totally going to go to work that night.

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The Capitans said...

that is totally something that I would do. I swear I have gone to Drs. Appointments either a day early or a day late at least 5 times in the last couple years. Luckily they always try to fit me in.