Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A short chemistry lesson

Well, it has been another wild and crazy day. My kitchen is now spf 50 thanks to Caibo and the sunscreen spray.
I also had yet another opportunity to call poison control. I was looking for Caibo's shoes so we could leave when he started screaming. I went into the bathroom and he had dumped toilet bowl cleaner all over the bathroom floor. Thankfully, more got on the floor than on him. I quickly stripped him down, threw him in a bath and began to read the label on the bottle. The label said to call poison control, so I did. It still surprises me that they always seem so shocked I call them so quickly after the incident.
Anyways, this is where the chemistry lesson comes in. Toilet bowl cleaner contains Hydrogen Chloride (aka Hydrochloric Acid) my bottle was 9.5% which is strong enough to cause a pretty severe chemical burn. Fortunately, the hydrochloric acid doesn't eat down into the skin like some of the bases do. The man I talked to said some of the cleaners are acids like mine was and some are bases.
Caibo is just fine. I caught it quick enough that it was washed off before it could do much harm. He had a red mark about the size of a quarter, but that was all. Poison control will be calling me back in the morning to make sure he doesn't blister over night, but hopefully he'll be ok.

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