Monday, June 30, 2008

Look! I'm learning things.

Yippee!!! I figured out how rearrange my pictures and such. I'm so proud of me.

This first picture can best be described with the words "I just wanted to take a shower." I went to take a shower. The kids were playing this water. Nana told them to put their swimsuits on. Jade couldn't find Caibo's, so she let him use one of hers.

These two pictures are of Jerry's dad (the kids call him Grandpa Paul) and the kids. I realized I don't have many pictures of him with the kids, so I took a bunch at Jason's wedding.

These are Jason and Becky's kids (McCrae, Makayla, and Austin) in the limo. The got to ride in the limo all the way around the block.

Lastly, here are the bride and groom, as if it isn't totally obvious. Congratulations Jason and Becky!!

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