Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom! Guess what!!

Caibo's new favorite thing is to come climb up on my lap and then say, "Mom! Guess what!!" He only says it like a million times a day, and if I'm not paying attention he'll keep saying it until I say, "What?" After that, I never know what he is going to say. So far my favorites have been "I'm squidward!" (He scrunches up his face and tries to make his voice sound like squidward. I'm going to try to get a video of it.) "It's my money and I want it now!" and "I got two tickets!" (referring to the $2 my sister sent him for his birthday). Yeah, my Caibo makes me laugh.


Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Wahoo! I am so glad that you have a blog, now we can keep in touch more! Your kids are so darn cute, I can't wait until Sydney starts to talk like that! Thanks for lending us your hubby the other day so that he could fix our A.C. you guys are the best!

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Oh and the wrenches and screw drivers on your page just mean that you are logged on to blogger. If you click on them you can make edits to the lists on the side of your blog(it makes it a little faster). I don't think that anyone else can see them but you. If they are really bugging you just log off of blogger.

Beaver Family said...

Thanks Caralee! I am so glad to know that. Oh! and thanks for lending me your husband the other day so I could get back onto my computer again. He saved my sanity.