Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear So and So: Laundry day AGAIN

Dear So and So...

Dear massive pile of laundry,

Didn't I wash you last week? Please start washing, drying, folding, and putting yourself away.


The laundry lady

Dear Mr B,

I don't remember what you called the imaginary lady you think washes the laundry for me, but can we get a real one? Please.


The laundry lady

Dear smiley and smilier,

Remember that list of things I don't wash. Was crayons on the list? If not add it. You are super lucky my pillow cases are bigger than my pillows. If Mr. B finds out about the brown crayon....



Dear prince charming,

I warned the smilies about you, but they didn't listen. If you are going to be in my laundry room I'm gonna find you a job. BTW you hold the little button that lets my washer fill really well. You're hired.


Your new boss

Dear Readers,

I'm feeling lazy today, so click the dear so and so button at the top and head on over to Kat's place for so more Dear So and So fun. (and some really funny kitty videos).

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