Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another year another birthday

A couple of weeks ago I told Caibo I had a birthday coming. He just looked at me like I had spoken a foriegn language. Finally he said something to the effect of grownups don't get birthdays. It's kindof true. After 21, what is there really?
So I told him again yesterday that it was my birthday, and his only concern was that I didn't have a cake. He was pretty determined that I need a Dora cake.
Anyways, this is the story of my birthday:
My husband somehow slept through his alarm for an hour (oddly I did too). Shortly after he left I got up and played facebook for a bit before I woke Jade up. While Jade was gettting ready for school, I figured out the coupon situation (I think couponing kills brain cells from over use). I put Jade on the bus, and then picked my rice on farmville (very important you know).
I got Caibo up and got him ready for school. After I dropped Caibo off at school, I went and got my deoderant and then some Mountain Dew (also very important)
Then, I drove to fort walton to get the part for my van (which btw is the wrong one. I have to go back today) Then I did the shopping trip I told you about yesterday. I also got an Easter dress for Jade and tried to get some alligator clip at Sally Beauty Supply, but they were out of the kind I like.
Then I drove home unloaded the stuff from the van, went and got Caibo, and then just hung out and did a little housework until Jade got home. Then, I had to take Jade to dance. On the way, we stopped at Good Will and got rid of all the clothes I decided she didn't need anymore.
This is where the adventure starts. When I picked Jade up from dance, I backed into another car in the parking lot. There wasn't much damage, but she insisted on a police report. I spent over an hour with 2 kids in the van waiting for the police report. Then, I came home and called the insurance company to report the claim.
By the time Jerry got home I was frazzled to say the least. He sent me on a walk. I don't clearly understand it, but somehow walking makes me a nice person again. I don't know if its the music my phone plays for me, the endorphines or what ever they are, the being outside and seeing all the cool things, or just the moment of semi quiet to myself. Whatever it is, I came back a nice person.
Jerry ordered pizza while I was gone, so that's what we had for dinner.
And that is the story of my Birthday.
So for my birthday I got an adventure, and the new pair of running shoes I am buying today. Also, I am claiming the new BBQ grill we bought Saturday as mine.


Betsy said...

I love your adventures--and yes, you should claim the bbq as yours!

The Stone family said...

I love your blog! You have such a fun way of writing! What a day!

郭君 said...
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