Friday, September 5, 2008

Dog Tired

Ok, I'm finally posting something about my less than exciting life like I said I would.
Jerry's family owns a cabin up on Cedar Mountain. Labor day and Memorial day are always work weekends. Usually for work weekends we take our dogs with us. This was actually Miley's (btw we got another dog) first trip to the Ranch.
The dogs love the ranch. They chase various assorted rodents all day long. They play in the little creek. They follow the kids around. They LOVE it, and it wears them out.
Saturday at lunch one of Jerry's uncles said that he had seen the dogs up on the ridge with something in a tree. Whatever it was jumped out of the tree, and they followed it over the ridge.
They didn't come back Saturday night. We were pretty worried. We woke up Sunday morning, and they were still not back. To make matters worse, it was now raining. My dogs hate the water.
We decided to get ready and go to church. We would look for them when we got home. After church, we drove clear down the canyon talking to anyone we saw. No one had seen the dogs. We were pretty sad, and didn't know what to do.
Fortunately, when we pulled up at the lodge the dogs were sitting on the lawn waiting for us. They were so cold, wet, and tired that they could hardly move. They would hardly move for the rest of the day, but we were sure glad to have them back.

Credits: That's My Dog by Rachael @ DAC

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