Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry, no clever title

I went to my regularly scheduled Dr. appointment this morning. You know they one. They weigh you, measure you, listen to your baby's heart rate, and 15 minutes later they send you home. After the nurse asked me her standard list of questions (the ones they ask every visit to verify that I am not depressed or being domestically abused), she handed me a piece of paper with the date and time for my next appointment. 1500 (3pm if you don't speak army)?!?!?!? Ummmm....not physically possible. That is when I am retrieving my children from school. So as I am explaining to the nurse that unless someone invents teleportation in the next month  then she is going to have to reschedule my appointment it occurs to me
by the time I have my next appointment I SHOULD have a husband again. Whoa!!! Has it really been a year already?

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cherilynn said...

wow, i love your blog background, ok we have to get together, so you can show me how to improve my blog. i've had issues with it.