Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And now....A word about fundraisers

My kids have been in school for just barely 2 weeks. Today they brought home their SECOND fundraiser. Yes, I really did just say second. First they brought home the little coupon card things. Then today they brought home the cookie dough fundraiser thing. Really?!?
*This is me hopping up onto my soapbox*
First of all, I want you to know that I completely support the idea of earning extra money for our schools. I will support bake sales, carnivals, and probably even a raffle (eventhough I never win). I  even collect the little box tops for education. But that is where I draw the line.
Why fundraisers are evil:
Somebody comes into my child's classroom and tells them that they are doing a fundraiser for (insert worthy cause here) and tells them why this is such a great cause and how awesome it will be to help people and blah, blah, blah......
Then they hand them an envelope full of brightly colored advertisments and MOST IMPORTANTLY the little sheet that says if they sell one item they will "earn" a 25cent icecream cone and if they sell 1000 they can "earn" a cheap I-pod knock off and every dollar store toy underneath it on the sheet.
By the time my children make it to me I am doomed.
I think it was the "jump rope for heart" fundraiser that pushed me over the edge. Honestly,  the idea of getting a prize for raising money for charity that drives me crazy. Isn't giving to those in need enough anymore? 
So, I made a deal with my kids. If they don't make me sell or buy (insert crazy fundraiser item here), I will take them to the DQ and get a better icecream cone than the one they would have "earned" for selling 1 item.
And rest assured that I will not be asking you to buy a coupon book, cookie dough, wrapping paper, bag of nuts, whatever......However, if you like the girl scout cookies, hit me up the first of the year and I will hook you up. I do have a girl scout.

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Alli E. said...

Great idea about the bigger ice cream cone. I hope it works for ya!!