Monday, July 4, 2011

This falls under the category of overachieving

Sometimes the deployment forces me to put my big girl pants on and do things that I don't think should be part of my job. This is one of those stories.
I have been waiting 3 months for the propane tank on my (yes it is MINE) BBQ grill to magically refill itself. Do you know what? That doesn't happen :(
Finally I gave in and drove down to the convenience store and traded my empty tank in for a full one. I even hooked up the new tank all by myslef, and nothing blew up. Yeah, I am that good.
Well now, I have a BBQ grill and no meat or atleast that's how it was until this morning. I took my two whiny kids down to the comissary. We bought meat and lots and lots of other things. (The commissary is a trap kindof like the walmart. Leaving the store without spending less than $150 is considered a miracle.)
Then we came home and I divided up my meat into meal sized ziplock baggies and put the marinades in with them and threw them into the freezer. I even wrote on them, so I knew what was in each bag. That for me would be considered overachieving.


Rebecka said...

The dividing up and labeling of items is definitely over-achieving, but potentially delicious.

Yay for big girl panties!

Patty said...

I remember when Dan was in the Navy and I had to very reluctantly BBQ by myself - with charcoal! I was so proud of myself!! I'll bet you're proud of yourself too!! I think those 'big girl pants' come out of the men's drawer.

Alli E. said...

So proud of you! You are hilarious!