Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tales from Sacrament meeting....

I could have easily skipped out on sacrament today. It was 20 min before it started, my hair was not done, my bag was not packed, yeah....I wasn't exactly ready. Anyways, I put my shoulder to the wheel and got us ready and out the door. We made it to sacrament meeting half way through the opening hymn. (not too shabby if I di say so myself) I am not sure why, but the overflow was not open. The only place left to sit was on the very front row. You know, the middle one right in front of the Bishopric.
Surprisingly, the kids were very good through the meeting. Jade filled two pieces of paper with doodles, and Caibo rested while evil Beaver kicked the back of his head.
The closing Hymn was America the Beautiful. Everyone stood to sing it. Caibo was not amused. I tried and tried to get him to stand, but he refused. Finally I gave up and let him sit down. I glanced down at him a couple of times, and he was just glaring. It seriously looked like he wanted to hurt someone (Sorry Bishopric. He wasn't mad at you just the song choice).
So, if you saw me laughing during the closing hymn in sacrament meeting today, that is why. You would have laughed if you had seen the look on his face, too.

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