Sunday, May 2, 2010

Storm Chasers

Back in the day when I used to have cable (I know it sounds crazy, but quitting cable was one of the best things I ever did), I enjoyed watching storm chasers. Somehow the science of where tornadoes come from is very interesting to me.
When I was informed that Tennessee has the potential to get tornadoes, I was both intrigued and worried. Most people assured me that tornadoes in Clarksville are rare. The man that showed me the house friday claims that the last tornado here was like 12 years ago.
It started RAINING (it has to be all caps, because I have never seen that much rain) yesterday. says it has rained almost 6.5 inches in the last 24 hours. The kids think it is gloriously fun. The people in the walmart parking lot hiding under their umbrellas probably thought they were crazy as the merrily danced through the puddles.
Where is all this water going? To the river across the street from our hotel. Clarksville has this really cool river walk thingy. Someday, I will have to go check it out, but not today. It's under water. All you can see is the tops of the little lights sticking out of the water. I will have to take a picture later.
Also, we have been and still are under tornado watch. Not to worry though. Kristy says you really don't need to worry until the town blows the siren, and that a warning is worse than a watch She lives in Iowa. I trust her judgement.
Yep, were are totally fine. We get to hang out in the hotel for one more day. Tomorrow, we sign our lease and start moving into our new house.

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