Sunday, December 13, 2009

The rest of the days with the little Bunzes

Ok, first of all I totally forgot the most exciting part of day one. I hadn't quite adjusted mentally to having 8 kids around. All the kids were playing together, and things were good. Until I realized that Caibo had gone outside to play and I didn't remember him coming back in. I started looking in the house and yard, but couldn't find him. So, I loaded up all the kids to go look for him. I found him as happy as can be in the church parking lot with 2 police officers. I apologized, and they took all my information. (I'm guessing incase they ever find him wandering again). The best part was when I told them my last name, they gave me a funny look and said, "Oh! That really is your last name. We thought he was making it up."
Anyways, so the rest of the weekend was much less exciting. We didn't end up painting, and it did snow, but not enough to do anything with. We took them all to church this morning. That will probably be the only time we will take up a whole row in sacrament meeting. We got some of funny looks as we walked in. I think some people in our ward might be wondering where we keep getting more kids from.

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