Friday, December 11, 2009

Day one with the little bunzes. With Brady around you don't need a TV.

In a moment of insanity, I told Adrienne (please don't be mad if I misspelled your name) that I would watch my younger brother and sisters so that she could take my dad to Vegas for their anniversary. This makes for a totally of 8 kids at my house this weekend (ages 11, 9, 9 ,6, 6, 6,4, and 4). I know, what was I thinking.
Day one:
The kids played and played and played and played. I barely saw or heard from them. I even managed to make a few hair bows. I was considering getting papa murphy's for dinner, but my dad said his kids won't eat anything that comes from a restaurant. So, I decided to take the cheap route. I made 9 of those frozen pizzas that cost like a dollar each. The kids were thrilled. I learned that my oven will only hold 3 frozen pizzas at a time, and that 8 kids will eat approximately 7 frozen pizzas.
I did see Brady quite a bit. I don't think he's too big on the noise associated with being around that many kids. We have decided that with Brady around you don't need a TV, just a bowl of popcorn. He helped his cat fix his car, texted Katie, called Brian, drove his semi, towed his red car with black tires, looked for his black car with black tires, drank a mountain dew that was so big he couldn't lift it, and did his impression of a V-tech. I asked about getting a black car with red tires. He looked at me like I was crazy, and informed me that TC has a car with snow tires.
Tomorrow I think we might try to paint something, and maybe if this weather keeps up we will get to play in the snow.

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Becky the Sign Lady said...

You must be completely crazy!

Brady is a riot. He actually shushed me once when I was talking to him while he was calling Brian.