Monday, June 8, 2009

out of the mouth of mom

I have realized lately that I say alot of things to my kids that I had never imagined I would ever have to say, so I am going to write a few of them down (hopefully I can remember)
But first, I have a code Adam story to share.
Last week I had this brilliant idea that I should take Caibo to pick out a birthday present for Jade while she was at her friend's house. It really did seem like a good idea in my head. I was WRONG.
So we drive down to Kmart (it is closer than walmart) and head for the toy aisle. Immediately, Caibo starts wanting EVERYTHING. I kept reminding him that it was Jade's birthday and he needed to picl something for her. This only made him throw a giant fit that went something like "BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" Fortunately, the other customers were amused by this. He stopped his fit long enough to declare that he needed to go potty. So I took him to the bathroom.
To make a long story short, he snuck out of the bathroom and Kmart had to do a code Adam (which by the way they are not very good at). Fortunately he had dressed himself that morning, so I had no problem remembering the creative ensemble he had put on.
I found him a couple minutes later walking happily up the aisle wearing a batting helmet and carrying a bat.
Anyways, so here is my list
* Get that monkey out of your mouth
* Dogs do not drink mountain dew
* Quit writing on your brother
* No you cannot wear your sister's swimsuit
* We do not blow bubbles in the house
* Hot dogs are not a breakfast food
* Quit using your ketchup powers on your sister
* No we cannot take your incredible (he means invisible) guitar to church
* We do not jump on the top of the van
I'm sure there are more, but that is enough for now.

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Alli E. said...

I love the ketchup power on your sister quote. That is priceless!!